Wednesday, 24 March 2010

That First Gig

The pub was a nice welcoming place (as pubs should be, I suppose), low lighting and plenty of space in front of the performance area which was handliy located by the door for a sharp exit if needs be. We had been told things would kick off between 8:00 and 8:30. This sounded nice and early for a school night. Not being real proper musos like the Watercats, we had to think of our sad little day jobs…

We arrived nice and early, got seats for ourselves and our cheering section (serveral friends, who had generouly donated their free time to come and listen to a couple of eejits with guitars).

And we waited…

The hour approached, but still nothing seemed to be happening as hard as it could.

DFTP went and enquired and suddenly it was all going to be happening from 9:00 to 9:30. A whole extra hour to wait/drink/need the loo/be sick and get nervous in.

We made small talk with our cheering seciton and drank moderately (drinking and singing do NOT go well for me). We perused lyrics (as if it was going to make any difference at this stage of the game!). Several other people with guitar-shaped objects made an appearance. Then finally, finally, a chap satarted setting up mics and speakers and cables and whatnot… bongos even!

Aforementioned chap eventually finished twiddling this and adjusting that and stepped up to the mic.

Not long now, eh?

Turns out he was the resident geezer who sort of ran the whole programme. He did a few songs. (and was waaaaay better than we were going to be, so not intimidated at all then!)

Then it was our turn – first up after the resident guy. It was obvious from the banter that the other guitar-shaped-object toters were regulars there, so we were the newbies, still green and wet behind the ears, treading with anxious feet into their territory.

We got plugged in and miked up with minimal fuss. So far so good.

Then it was all over and people were clapping and congratulating us on an “interesting” set. I’m wondering if they meant “interesting” in the sesnse of the old Chinese proverb,

Wait! What happened at the gig?

Can’t remember, sorry.

OK, that’s an exaggeration, but it is almost as bad as that. The time just flew past. We did four songs, versions of which appear on our ReverbNation thingies.

The Tattered Remnamts
Days Like These
Where the Hell are You Tonight

I wasn’t so much nervous, more keyed-up and excited, and this did not make for great diaphragm control in the first couple of songs. Plus, it’s been a dog’s age since I actually sang into a mic so wasn’t really doing it right (plus the sound man did not give me any volume to start with for some reason, although this improved as we went along). So I didn’t think I sounded that great. DFTP could only hear himself and couldn’t hear me (I couldn’t hear him either) so it was maybe a bit disjointed I think.

By song three, we were both starting to relax and enjoy ourselves a bit. I could hear myself better as had moved the mic to a better place and was getting some decent volume at last. This was….ok, it felt nice….

And then it was all over.

I wanted to stay and do more…

We got some applause, though, and organiser-blokie asked if we were coming back again. We assumed he was joking, but apparently not! Wow! I was sure we’d be given the old “yeah, thanks, see you around” sort of response, but he seemed to actually mean it.

We stuck around to hear the other performers, and they were all much more polished than us – and I think more accomplished as musicians. But at least we did our own songs and we got through them without cocking anything up too much – result!


Get used to a mic and amplification again.
Don’t drink cider beforehand

Now, you’ll be wondering where the hell the video is. Weeeeeeell. Suffice it to say that the person charged with the task of capturing this momentous occasion in music history forgot to charge the camera batteries.

All we have is this 42-second snippet from a hastily hoiked-out mobile phone. Not even a whole song but proof, if any were needed, that we were there.



  1. pity there wasn't more to listen to.
    Yes, you were there and you will be there again; you are a lady of many talents. Congratulations.

    I certainly like your post on the gig, but then you always write well.
    I shall now click on the thingy to hear one of your songs.

  2. I listened to them all, the one with the piano is my favourite.
    Your words and music?

  3. Short video. Sounds like you had a great time.

  4. I clicked over to your blog to comment & then got caught up listening to the music - but I have to stop now - it's bed time!

    I loved hearing about your gig - & wish there were more to listen to - but I'll bet there'll be more!

  5. dramatic lighting alert! you looked cool anyway (can't get the sound working here, but am sure it sounded brilliant) Well done!

  6. I envied the open mike night chap because he had the sort of name that it is impossible to be anything other than cool with.

    This about matches my memory - couldn't hear you, could only hear me, forgot me plectra, made a few daft jokes between songs - and even i was struggling to recognise myself!

  7. ooohhh!!!... darn!!! tiny video!.. you guys sounded great!!.. and the pub and stage looked excellent! nice set up.. I remember that first open mic thing, eventually you'll be old hats, with your own legion of fans requesting songs, and it won't take long :-)
    The sound thing is weird at first, it throws you because all the sound is facing forward.. anyway, you did four songs! excellent!
    I'm so chuffed for you! can you make it over here for tonight? the bar lady texted us and asked to bring some musical friends with us :-D

  8. @Friko - Thanks for the lovely comments.

    @Connie - In retrospect, we did have a great time, was a bit unnerving at the time but we're going back.

    @Bug - Glad you enjoyed. Hopefully, there will be more to hear from us in the not too distant.

    @Niamh - Thanks. Yeah the lighting does look moody but that's down to a not very brilliant phone camera rather than artistic intention. Shame you couldn't hear it but you didn't miss a lot.

    @DFTP - Yeah, open mic bloke was not call Colin or Alphonse! We should get cool stage names for ourselves as individuals :-)

    @Watercats - Thanks, the pub is a nice venue and the open mic is well run for all that it starts late in the night. Really looking to go back and do better next time!

  9. @Jimmy - Cheers! Glad you enjoyed. Hopefully, nect time, there'll be a bit more.


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