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Saturday Wordzzle 103

Ok, so it's Sunday rather than Saturday but it's here now.  For more info on Wordzzling go to Raven's Nest.

The mini (liver spots, pesticide, plaid, unpredictable, upsetting the apple cart)

The story so far....

A blind seer has a vision about a young man coming to harm from an old man living in a tower. To try to avert this fate, she anonymously pays for him to take a holiday somewhere far away. She then has a nightmare which she believes is connected to the young man's fate and resolves to go after him. She gets to the holiday town and realises this is the very place the tower is located. She gets lost trying to locate it and bumps into the young man on his way there. The seer soon discovers that this is the very man from her vision. as they talk, a car comes around the corner too fast and he pushes the seer out of its path, only to be struck himself. At the hospital, the car driver - who lives in the old tower! - and the seer wait anxiously by the young man's bedside.

The young man speaks...

A lady in a nurse's uniform comes and checks on me - I'm in hospital then. I've no idea how I got here though – or even where here is, for that matter. By the looks of things, one of my legs has got broken somehow and my head is bandaged and aches like the devil, the pain coming and going in unpredictable waves. The air smells like pesticide, no, no, that's not it, disinfectant! Yes, definitely a hospital then. These two people standing anxiously by the bed, who are they? An old, bearded man with liver spots on his hands and a young woman who is either a celebrity hiding from the media, a druggie, or blind, maybe, in a plaid coat and sunglasses. I don't know them at all. They might be my family. She might be my wife or sister. No, I remember my sister, she's not blind and she's blonde, not brunette. My wife, maybe? Surely not, I'd remember if I had a wife, wouldn't I?. Better be careful with her then, don't want to go upsetting the apple cart by saying something inappropriate. She is attractive though, probably out of my league..

The 10-worder (slimy, Pluto, champing at the bit, peaceful, chapter, upright, depression, starfish, matches, channel changer)

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Agent India watched as Othello worked on Emerald's computer. His slim brown fingers flew over the keyboard as he scanned directories, opened up files only to close them, ran searches only to discard the matches they threw up, all the while not saying a word, totally absorbed and barely aware that she was in the room, it seemed.

It was nice to be away from that demon, she thought. She hadn't been joking when she said it made her teeth itch: its physical presence was a constant irritation, like fingernails scraping down a blackboard. It was also nice not to have to witness its slimy attempts to make friends with everybody. Did it seriously think anyone here, of all places, would fall for its blandishments? It must be the stupidest demon in the history of the world if it thought that. It probably was, though, she reminded herself: it was that monkey-thing that was doing all the thinking in that outfit.

She couldn't be the only one champing at the bit to send it back where it belonged, surely. What had that angel been thinking, teaming OGS and a demon up together? It was like one of those really terrible B-movies, where the hero and his arch-enemy have to work together and then become grudging friends – the sort of movie that has you reaching for the channel changer after the first five minutes. Well, there'd be no friendship, grudging or otherwise from her. Not after what had happened to her family because of fiends like that one.

Her brother David had been in his last year in High School when he'd met the beautiful Saskya. She had been new in town, new to the school and, being a kindly soul, David had taken her under his wing, as it were. Soon they were dating and when he brought her home to meet the family, India's teeth had itched mightily. Of course, she hadn't known what was making her feel so bad whenever Saskya was around – her gift had not been explained to her yet.

She had tried to warn David that she was suspicious of this beautiful, funny, charming, clever girl that he was smitten with, but he'd just laughed it off as younger sister jealousy. She sort of half-believed him. The two of them had always been close – as thick as thieves, as their grandma would say - and the arrival of David's love interest had reduced the amount of time he spent with his little sis. That's all it was then, just little sister jealousy. Wasn't it?

Then David had started staying out late on school nights, and when his parents tried to talk to him about it, India's normally peaceful and easy-going brother would fly into a rage and go stomping upstairs to his room. All of this could just have been teenage rebelliousness, but then he started skipping classes, choosing instead to lie on his bed all day, talking to Saskya on the phone or just staring up at the ceiling. Suspecting depression, India's parents had tried to get David to see a doctor, but he was having none of it.

He became gradually more and more moody and withdrawn. India had suspected he was using drugs and had searched his room when he was out. She didn't find anything; he was obviously too smart to hide stuff in the house.

So she'd confronted him.

If there was one single moment in her life that India would go back and change, it was this one. She'd accused him of taking drugs, and had accused Saskya of giving them to him. As soon as she'd mentioned his girlfriend's name, David had gone berserk, shouting and swearing and throwing stuff around the room, denying everything and telling her to get the hell out of his room and his life. As she'd been scurrying out of the room, he'd called her name. She'd turned around, thinking that maybe he was going to apologise or something.

The look on his face still gave her nightmares. His eyes were as dead as two stones and, while he was smiling – at least his mouth was in the shape of a smile – there was a fixed, frozen look to it, as if someone else were operating his muscles by remote control.

In his hand, he held up a little china figure that India had bought him when she was eight. It was Mickey Mouse and Pluto at the seaside, complete with buckets, spades, starfish and whatnot. Having got her attention, he slowly and deliberately set the thing down on the floor and then stamped on it, smashing it. Keeping his eyes on her the whole time, he had ground his heel back and forth on the pieces.

When he had started laughing, she had fled the room.

That day, David had left the house and disappeared. The Police searched, India's parents searched, driving for hours all over the town and local area. The school reported that Saskya had also disappeared and the address on her file turned out to be a derelict property which had not been lived in for years.

The end of the whole sorry chapter came a year later when a policeman had turned up at the door, bearing the news that a body had been found in a filthy squat in a town in the next state. ..

She was startled upright out of her reverie as the door opened and an excited Prada and Harold burst into the room.


  1. Hi,

    Another excellent chapter for each story. Sorry about not being there this week. My computer is still not well, but my friend fixed it so that I can do some things again. I'm not sure how long it will last, though. The story of India's brother is so sad.... but on the happy side, I'm still hoping for romance for the blind seer and her rescuee.

    Thanks for posting despite my absence. I posted some words for next week.

  2. Good week. I'm still amazed at how you can weave the words into the stories so seamlessly...

  3. Interesting to get a bit of background on Agent India. Noting how you used the word 'matches' made me suddenly aware that I couldn't remember what I did with it. Turned out I forgot to use it. (Went back and managed to squeeze it it.)

  4. more great stuff, agreed that it's good to get some history to what makes India tick.. Harold's up against a tough un there!
    how did the gig go!??.... I wanna know! :-D

  5. @Raven - We'll keep posting regardless. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your computer.

    @Bug- Thank you. You really should come and try this, it's such fun.

    @DawnTreader - I'm always paranoid about missing a word so I copy the list into my word document and then as I use each one, I delete the word from the list.

    @Watercats - Thanks. I thought it was about time we found out why India is so hostile. It's a bit of a cliche, but a plausible one. I daresay we'll be posting a whole post devoted to the gig. Watch this space.


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