Sunday, 7 March 2010

I'm Not Going to Heaven

Well, finally got it recorded and uploaded to BoobTube.  I got my good friend Don't feed the Pixies to join in the fun as well.  My voice is really rough on this (tired from singing a load of other stuff first) and there are some mistakes in the lyrics.  Nevertheless....



  1. Pure dead brilliant hen, are you available weekends for hooleys?

  2. Yahoo! Deadly! You should be really pleased with yourselves. Some really funny lines in there and I really enjoyed the singing,(not so) rough edges only added extra character!

  3. Brilliant - the melody matches the words perfectly. Great voice (where's the roughness?) Favourite line: Keep out!

  4. I love it! Especially that part about how his books don't have last pages anymore. That's so CRUEL!

    And your voice is perfect for this song.

  5. Thanks everyone for your kind words about this. I forgot to mention, but you've probably worked out that Don't Feed the Pixies was also singing.

    @Jimmy - We're available for Hooleys, weddings, Bar-Mitzvahs.... :-)

    @TFE - You're very kind, so you are!

    @Pure Fiction - We like the Keep Out bit too - In our dreams, we are performing this live to a rapt audience who all join in with the shouting.

    @Viewtiful_Justin - Thanks. I can't really take all the credit for the missing last page line. There's a fantastic comedy writer over here called Andy Hamilton who did a radio comedy series set in Hell. He had the Devil say that he had just been to the library to rip out the last pages of all the whodunnits. The subtle cruelty of this just cracks me up.

  6. how the heck did this sneak past me!???...

    YOU ARE FECKING DEADLY!!... You both have such fantastic voices, particularly together, the harmonies are excellent! and I just love the cheesy country vibe... there is nothing bad to say about this, you guys need to get yourselves out yonder to the stages :-D
    and I want MORE!

  7. @Watercats - You are sooo kind! We'll be hitting the stages a weeke tomorrow (Monday). Eek!


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