Saturday, 27 March 2010

Tempus Fugit

I was over at The Bug’s blog just now and she was posting about it having been a year since she started blogging. I suddenly wondered how long I’d been on here and, amazingly, it turns about I’ve been annoying the internet with my nonsense for about 14 months.

To mark this non-occasion, I thought I’d look back over my posts and choose my five favourites (to date).

1 - It took quite a while for me to start getting comments from people other than Don't Feed the Pixies, but I think it started to take off around the time I wrote this in response to someone's post on the nature of religion and God and whatnot.

Shopping for God.

2 - This second one is going to form the basis of my next Toastmaster's speech project. We have to go to work, but I don't see why we shouldn't have fun. The Puritans and Victorians have a lot to answer for with their joyless approach to work.

The Artist Whistler and the Babycakes Challenge.

3 - This one was the first of three that I did about my good friend PJ. I'm pleased with how this post came out. It was one of those rare instances where the thing practically wrote itself.

PJ's Room.

4 - This one came to me as I was travelling to Cwmbran in Wales for a meeting. I was just going to write it from my own point of view, but then I had the brainwave of writing my journey through the eyes of people I met. Having this angle suddenly made the whole thing much more fun to write.

The Woman in Beige.

5 - Harold. I suppose this counts as lots of posts really but, considering that this tale of innocent demons, talking monkeys and whatnot came about purely as a result of a creative writing game, I'm amazed at how people have come to enjoy it each week. I've certainly enjoyed writing it and would never for a moment have dreamed when I started blogging that it would be this much fun. All of Harold can be found here.

It's been a great 14 months and I've met loads of interesting, funny, creative, thought-provoking people out here on the interweb.

Thanks to all who come here and read!


  1. Thanks for the shout out!

    I had only not read two of the posts (the first two - guess they were written before I found you). I LOVE the shopping for God one! As you may remember, I went to seminary back in the day & I swear just learning about all the different ways to relate to the God I know (Calvanists, Catholics, Seventh Day Adventists, oh my!) was confusing enough, but then we had to add in learning about the other types of gods. Too much. A Moral Principal would have been very welcome, just then.

    The Woman in Beige is one of my favorites too, and of course Harold, the poor schmuck.

  2. I've been doing this since december 2007! Nearly reached 200 posts but am beginning to think very seriously about the last words of Tegan Jovanka

    Your posts have all been fun - keep it up

  3. Bug - Glad you enjoyed Shopping for God. I had good fun writing it.

    @DFTP - And Tegan's last words were...? I really liked that character, actually. She had some spirit!

  4. Here's to another 14 (and more). Shopping for God wasn't half good! Great angle. I've toyed with writing about a similar theme myself and got nowhere. Your epiphanic moment in PJ's Room was quite something too! Very evocative of that feeling.

  5. This was a short intro to you and your blog. I'm glad I stopped by and took the tour. You have a wonderful creative force field around you.
    Cheers from Chris

  6. PJ's Room was the post that got me hooked on you. I love your writing and admire your admiration. Anybody can write, I believe. After all writing is just putting one word after another, but not everybody can WRITE. That takes imagination (something I am very short on).

  7. Hi Argent, is there any way that I can download your songs?... do you even allow it? I would love to store them on my computer if I may and if there is a way.

  8. @Dominic - Thanks for the kind words. I think these 5 are my faves because they more of less wrote themselves.

    @Enchanted Oak - Thanks for the kind comments. I love the idea of a creative force field.

    @Human - Thank you - and don't put yourself down! You've got shedloads of creativity and imagination! If you email me at I'll send you the songs as MP3s if you like. (I'm sure I had your email before but I seem to have lost it, sorry).


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