Sunday, 14 March 2010

The Poetry Bus - Complete the following...

This week's poetry challenge from TotalFeckinEejit is to finish what he started...

She was wearing Stella McCartney
I was drinking Stella Artois.
We were worlds apart-ney
Divided by wealth and class

She was wearing Stella McCartney
I was drinking Stella Artois.
And still she broke my heart-ney
And told me I was crass.

So now...

I am wearing Stella McCartney
I'm not drinking Stella Artois.
The Docs took me apart-ney
Now, as a woman, I will pass.

Yeah, I know, but it's all I could think of.  Sorry.


  1. I'm sorry, but i did like this - made me laugh in the right kind of way

  2. Hah!I like the look of things going on about here. I do like a wee bit of wordplay.

  3. All you could think of? I was very amused and I think amusing people (as opposed to making them happy sad annoyed etc) isn't easy.

    I liked the brash shortcut to creating rhymes for McCartney.

  4. Made me laugh!
    Was it painful?

  5. Agree about the mcCartney rhymes, really all the rhymes were cheats, but I think that was the best thing about it, gave it a very authentic voice.
    laughed yet again, this has been the best subject:-)
    thanks for sharing

  6. I took one look at McCartney and thought "No, there's no rhyme for that."
    Wrong again!!

  7. Probably the most drastic retaliation to a rebuff that any man can make, bet that showed her all the same - poor Stella - I really really really hope she doesn't google her own name this week.

  8. Ha ha! That was great fun! I love the "apart-ney" line.


  9. He, he, he! I love it, especially the punchline! Great fun ending.

  10. @DFTP - Glad to amuse....

    @Jimmy - Thanks, I like to juggle a syllable or two.

    @Bill - Thank you kindly.

    @TFE - Willy-nilly!

    @Titus - It was painful enough.

    @cfm - Cheating was the only option for me this week.

    @Peter - You were right, the IS no rhyme for McCartney!

    @NanU - Glad to have tickled your funny bone.

    @Niamh - I can't imagine anyone actually dfoing this, but people have been known to chop off their own ears for love so who knows?

    @Poetikat - Thanks. It was fun to write.

    @Karen - And thank you too!

  11. marvellous stuff! short and funny, I love dem fings :-D

  12. @Wasserkatzen - Thanks ye most kindly. I like dem fings too.

    The gig is next Monday, but I'm practising like a loony. We've only got 1 more chance to practise together before then. We don't even know how many songs they'll let us do, so we're doing a 2, 4 and 6-song setlist in case. Of course, they might say just one in which case there'll be a fight to see whose song will get played.

  13. OMG, Argent. This is so funny! Thanks!

  14. giggle, giggle, very smart-ney.

  15. @Jeanne - Thank you! Some people made proper serious pomes but I just couldn't.

    @Friko - Thanks - it's easy enough once you start-ney.


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