Saturday, 20 March 2010

Saturday Wordzzle 104

It's Saturday! Yay!

What's a Wordzzle? Go and vist any of Raven's Wordzzle posts to find out the full s.p. but, briefly, each week Raven posts a list of words and we players have to construct a piece of writing which includes them.

The mini (swimming pool, cargo, czar, focus, fine)

The story so far....

A blind seer has a vision about a young man coming to harm from an old man living in a tower. To try to avert this fate, she anonymously pays for him to take a holiday somewhere far away. She then has a nightmare which she believes is connected to the young man's fate and resolves to go after him. She gets to the holiday town and realises this is the very place the tower is located. She gets lost trying to locate it and bumps into the young man on his way there. The seer soon discovers that this is the very man from her vision. as they talk, a car comes around the corner too fast and he pushes the seer out of its path, only to be struck himself. At the hospital, the car driver - who lives in the old tower! - and the seer wait anxiously by the young man's bedside. He awakens but can remember nothing.

The Seer speaks...

I think I've probably cried enough tears to fill a swimming pool, but at least he's awake now, or so the nurse has assured me. Mr Fitzpatrick has gone to forage for more coffee and snacks for us both. I'm not sure I want any more coffee, though: a combination of caffeine, worry and tiredness is making it hard for me to focus. I'm sure I heard someone say just now that they know the Toilet Czar, but replaying my mental tape it seems they knew where the toilets are. Get a grip, woman! I ask the young man how he's feeling and he says he's fine, which really can't be true, now can it? I tell him about the accident. He doesn't remember a thing about it - not surprising, given the bash on the head he's had. He doesn't remember very much it seems, doesn't know who I am or what town he's in. I tell him I'm a friend, which will have to do for now, and it's true anyway, or at least I'd like it to be. Mr Fitzpatrick has returned with a cargo of coffee and bottled water, and some crisps which I'm mildly surprised to find I'm hungry enough to eat.

The 10-worder (culture, sheep, skin, mentally, box, desert, several people, church, Greece, thirst)

New to Harold? Click here to catch up.

"Dysprosium, Sodium and Molybdenum, are you sure?" said Othello, raising a quizzical eyebrow at Prada and Harold.

"Absolutely," declared Prada, "OK, there were other hits for the numbers, but when you add in the chemistry book, this has to be it."

"Well, it could be, I guess." acknowledged Othello, "I haven't found anything even remotely pertinent on Emerald's computer, so maybe this is the direction he wants us to go in. Sodium and Molybdenum, I've heard of but, Dysprosium?"

"Should we google them too?" Asked Harold, brightly. He had been mightily impressed with this instant knowledge-giver and was keen to see it in action again.

"We could," said Othello, "but, I'm thinking the answer might be in front of us." He picked up the chemistry textbook from Emerald's apartment.

"Now, let's see..." He flipped open the book and turned to the inevitable reproduction of the Periodic Table of the Elements. The others leaned in to get a good look at what he was doing. With the combined stares of several people boring into him, Othello ran his eyes over the chart, looking for the three elements. Maybe Emerald had written something or left some other clue. The page, however, was as clean as the day the book was printed.

"Nothing here," murmured Othello, and began to turn the page.

"Wait a minute!" said Teatime, excitedly. "Go back to the chart." Othello did so.

"Look at the chemical names for those three elements!"

"Dy, Na, Mo!" breathed Othello, "Well I'll be.."

"Dynamo?" asked India, who had mentally been wishing Harold back to the Basement as hard as she could ever since he had entered the room, and – just to be annoying – had deliberately stood right next to her.

"Does that mean something to you?" asked Prada.

"It's the name of an OGS project that was discontinued years ago."

"What was the project about?"

"That I don't exactly know, but I think I know someone who does."


"This is Peck," the Private Investigator's smooth voice reeked of culture and a private education.

"Go on." Mr Teeth had had a long day and had just exhausted himself at the gym. His skin still tingled from the pounding the masseur had inflicted upon it, but he was wide awake now and his attention was riveted to the telephone.

"My associates have traced the vehicle your boy was seen getting into. It belongs to a company called "Aunt Aggie's."

"Aunt Aggie's?"

"Yes, they used to make cheesecake apparently. Used to – the company no longer exists."

"And yet they own a car?"

"Apparently so."

"Did you get an address?"

"Naturally." The temperature of Peck's voice dropped a few degrees at this slightest of hints that he had been less than completely efficient.

"Let me get a pen."

When the call was over, Mr Teeth stared thoughtfully at the slip of paper containing his barely legible scrawl. He could send Peck over there, he supposed, but he was curious now. Aunt Aggie's must be a front, but for what? It would be very interesting to find out. He yawned suddenly. Whatever it was, though, would have to wait till the next morning: Mr Teeth was beat.


Othello put down the phone. "Ok, it's all set. Reverend Box will meet with us tomorrow."

"Reverend Box?" asked Mercury, who had just joined the others. "The Reverend Box?"

"Who's Reverend Box?" asked India, "And why would he know about Dynamo?"

"Box used to be an agent," explained Mercury, "but he retired from active duty."

"And became a preacher?" said Prada.

"In a manner of speaking," replied Mercury. "He's not actually an ordained minister, but he's built himself a little church out in the desert."

"I can't imagine he'd have a very big congregation out there." said Prada.

"He doesn't." said Mercury, "In fact, no-one actually goes to his church – unless you count the sheep."

"Sheep? In the desert?" cried India, "Wouldn't they die of thirst?"

"According to Box, the Gods provide for them."

"Plus the fact he's got a fairly decent well in back of his place." added Othello, drily.

"Hold on a minute," said Prada, "You said he said the Gods provide? The Gods, plural?"

"Yeah," sighed Mercury, "That's why he had to retire: he started telling everyone that the Gods of Ancient Greece were back and were demanding worship."

"Oh, great," groaned Prada, "So now our most reliable source of information is a nut-job. This just gets better!"


  1. Another great week. I can't wait to see what happens with the first story, but Harold's story is getting REALLY interesting!

  2. @Bug - Glad you're enjoying Harold. You seem to be his only reader this week.

  3. OK so i tried to comment on this the other day and it froze, but i'm following Harold as and when i can and think it's developing nicely - though this week there was just a vague shade of Small Gods?

    It's definately worth expanding and revisiting

  4. @DFTP - Thanks for the kind words. Shame the comment thing didn't work, never had that before so far as I know.

  5. Glad you stuck with it and posted in spite of my absence. Wonderful work as always... now I'm off to read the latest entry.

  6. I've been falling behind again, but am catching up. I actually decided to put in an episode based on these words even if a few weeks late. You'll find it here.

  7. PS. Forgot to tell you that you had me LOL with the Toilet Czar...


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