Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Twelve Days of Christmas - Day Three

Date: 15th December 2023
Subject:  Replicator fault
Dear Sir

It’s happened again! 

This time, in addition to the pear-tree, partridge and doves, there are now three hens scratching away at the Axminster in the living room.  I couldn’t say if they were French, since they have not exactly spoken to me!

My wife, who has borne all the preceding upsets with great patience is threatening to undergo a sense-of-humour-failure.  She has retired to bed with a large bottle of brandy. 

As soon as I have finished writing this letter, I shall be joining her.

Bills to follow.

Yours truly

Edward Meeks

Date: 15th December 2023
Subject:  Re: Replicator fault

Dear Mr Meeks

I am sorry to hear of your continuing difficulties. 

We did send an engineer to visit you today, but he reports that he was unable to gain entry to your premises, despite repeated ringing of the bell.  He says that you were certainly in at the time, because he could hear some rather off-key singing coming from the upper floor of your home.

He will be visiting again tomorrow to assess the situation, please ensure that he is able to gain entry.    
Yours truly

Gerard Cochrane
Service Manager


  1. Enjoying these flights of fancy. I went into a school the other day: a teacher was putting up a wall display of 12 lords a-leaping. The combination of Christmas with an opportunity to teach young children to count is unmissable!

  2. Yeah - these are continuing to amuse and entertain

  3. Hah! Have to agree with the others, this is very fine contemporary whimsy. Nice!


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