Sunday, 13 December 2009

Now, where did THAT come from?

Last week, I wrote a song - the first complete one I've managed in ages.  Hooray, for me, then.  There's a sort of catch, though: it's just about the most depressing thing I've ever written. I have no idea why I wrote it, except that it's winter maybe, and my worklife has changed completely and I miss my old friends or something.  I'll try and record it and post it.  I'm quite happy.  I am.  Honest.

Below Bones

I close my eyes
The bubbles rise
And go whirling into black.
The ecstasy
Is filling me
And I am never coming back.

I filled my pockets full of stones
And now I'm sinking below bones.
As if the universe would care
If I am, or am not, there.

The silence here
Makes it so clear
The light above is fading out.
I'm sinking down,
Feels good to drown
All I ever cared about.

The water's cold
But it will hold
The only answer I can see.
The light goes out
So does the doubt
This is the best, the best for me.


  1. Very dark, let's hope it isn't Freudian in its finest hour.

  2. Jimmy - I hope so too! I do think it's the dark nights that have brought it on, maybe I should one of those light box thingies.

  3. Well, except for the subject matter, this is pretty good! I've written some fairly depressing stuff in my day - I think it helps me vent & then I feel better. Let's hope this does the same for you!

  4. Nice one Argent.That's great that you've written a whole one.And ,like you say, ya don't always have to be feeling blue to write like that, just channel what you see around you, in tune (ha ha) with these dark winter nights.Looking forward to hearing it!

  5. As you say, a cheerful little ditty!:) Looking forward to hearing the tune and the chords.

  6. I don't find it depressing...melancholic maybe, dreamy mostly. There are all kinds of drowning after all.

  7. Thanks to you all.

    I'm going to try and get the recording of my miserable opus up soon.

    Bug - yes, a good vent is definitely in order sometimes.

    TFE - It still feels a bit bogus to write about something and not really be feeling that way. But then, inauthentic is my middle name (which confused the vicar no end at the Christening).

    Dominic, not so much chords but very stripped-down (i.e. two strings) guitar. Don't Feed the Pixies supplied an excellent extra guitar line for it too which I shall attempt to reproduce.

    Rachel, dreamy is a great way to describe the sort of feeling I was aiming at.

  8. Thank goodness for your comment to TFE! I was getting seriously worried about your state of mind and all I could see was "no more Harold" - lol.

  9. @Human - Please be assured of my continued wellbeing and rest assured there's more Harold in the pipeline.

  10. 2 strings... I was having fun the other day with an old guitar that only had 3 strings on it. I tuned it GDG, I think - it reminded me of how I used to want a "folk dulcimer" (but never got one). I might try doing a song with it.


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