Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Christmas is...

My Dad giving my Mum a tenner for a Christmas present and, when she started to talk about all the things she was going to buy herself, saying that she should steady on and remember that she had to buy the Christmas dinner out of it.

Getting up at 2 am Christmas morning, creeping downstairs to play with our presents (no wrapping paper in those days) and my little sister waking up our irate parents by playing with her noisy new toy telephone.

Mum’s Christmas cake!

Feeling (ever so slightly) guilty because I did not give my brother a present. I had actually got one all wrapped up under the tree – a Mars bar – and a few days before the Big Day, he had upset me in some way and I had, with due ceremony, unwrapped his present and eaten it in front of him.

My Grandma’s present of a rag doll she had made herself, complete with all the clothes.

My Dad losing patience with any “bloody junk” that required assembly or batteries.

Getting a watch! An actual working watch of my own! Well, “working” until my brother played with it and over wound it.

Knitted things!

Not getting an Action Man of my own. I had to put up with my brother’s old one with the taped-up legs that didn’t bend at the knee.

Selection Boxes!!!!

My sister giving me an advent calendar – for the cat!

My Mum having really bad flu, but still managing to do all the shopping, wrapping, cards and whatnot – and, on the day, making Christmas dinner for 6 people

Buying yet another jumper for Dad because he is a man with no hobbies or interests… and finding them in his wardrobe after his death - still in the packaging.

Visiting my hubs in hospital on Christmas Day and being glad that he was alive.

Family trivial Pursuit

And finally….

Not having done a thing towards getting ready for this year. I mean, come on, it’s not like it’s a surprise or anything! Get a grip!


  1. Glad to see sibling love is alive and KICKING!Ah ,yes , selection boxes,they seem so rubbish (and expensive) now , but so magical at the time.
    But your hubs being alive in hosp must be the best christmas present ever.

  2. Thank goodness, someone else is not getting ready for Christmas. Dear Hubby deciding that we are going camping for Christmas (it is a long long story but not for now) squashed all the exitement for me (and the rest of the family) so yes, Christmas will just be a non-event this year for this family. (I know, I sound like a real old wetpants nag, even to myself, but that is how it is - sorry.)

  3. At least your brother knew that you had a present for him, even if he didn't get it in the end.

  4. that's what happens when you put the present under the tree too early!

    And what's with the bah humbug attitude, feeling superior to the mugs who are ripping out an arm and a leg at this time of year?

  5. ...the aunties and their flatulence. We always blamed the dog.

    .. it had died three years previously.

  6. @TFE - Chrimbo 2006 was an especially good year in that hubs had survived a near-fatal heart problem. My and and me bro got on like a house on fire - a sad, dysfunctional house.

    @Human - Camping? At Christmas? Aaargh!!!

    @ER - Yes I suppose my bro knew I had a pressie, but since I ate it in front of him, he probably didn't feel the love somehow. Explains a lot.

    @Friko - Not feeling superior at all and arms and legs will be duly ripped out in the very near future!

    @Jimmy - That poor dog gets the blame for everything!

  7. ...eating Christmas food out of a Tupperware box year after year as no one got how to cater for me.

    ...the infamous GEC Children's Christmas Party (you don't get companies doing that these days)

    ...the year we all had really bad colds and my Gran was so ill we thought she was going to die

    ...endless sprouts

    ...endless James Bond films and The Sound Of Music

    ...but you know what I realised today that it's just the September-December run up that I don't like about Christmas. Right now, despite everything else, I'm actually feeling pretty ok about it!

  8. I really really like the anecdote of the Mars bar. It actually made me lol. Poor brother, but still funny.

  9. @DFTP - I was vegetarian back in the day and had the same trouble getting fed at Christmas.

    @Josephine - Hi, welcome and thanks for dropping by. I still feel just a little ashamed of scoffing my bro's pressie - but you're right, it is funny.


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