Saturday, 5 December 2009

Saturday Wordzzle 91

Each week, Raven gives us a set of 15 words - 5 for the mini, 10 for the 10-worder or all 15 for the mega challenge. The idea is to create a passage which includes the words

You can go to Raven's Nest for the original rules of the game and some excellent advice.

The Mini (bees, crackling, wooden, staple, earful)

I don't have a computer and no reference books in my flat to help me decipher the Braille message. Luckily, the local library is not far, so I wander over there. I've walked past this little wooden building more times than I can remember but have never ventured inside until now. Inside, all is quiet, apart from the occasional crackling noise of a page being turned and the odd cough now and then. I walk past a colourful display about bees that some local schoolkids have put together and make my way to the counter. The librarian is very helpful and it's not long before, between us, we have the message deciphered. It says:

You don't know me but I have arranged for you to have a free vacation for two weeks in Yorkshire. Please go to Staple & Whitlocks Solicitors and ask for Mr Merryman, who will provide you with all the details.

A Wellwisher.

How strange! Still, it can't hurt to go and see if all this is genuine – at least get some answers from this Merryman. I thank the librarian and hurry out of the library. In my haste to leave I bump into a kid in his late teens and he gives me an earful, but I don't care. This is getting interesting now.

The 10-worder (edge, haven, sunglasses, sprightly, telling, frazzled, juicy, quartet, tied, necklace)

New to Harold's story? The summary is here

Ray pulled the car over.

"Well, here we are, my Lord," he announced, somewhat unnecessarily. "And here are the things Mr Teatime asked for." He handed a carrier bag to Harold.

"Er, thanks," said the demon, "Well, it was nice meeting you and thanks for the lift."

"It was our pleasure, my Lord," said Nicole, "If you ever need us again, our number is in the phone."

Harold and Teatime got out of the car and watched for a few moments as it pulled away and disappeared into the traffic.

"Nice people," said Harold.

"Actually, old bean," Teatime corrected him, "they're not – at least by most people's standards. Now, let's find somewhere for a drink and a bite, after that long drive I'm feeling a bit frazzled, I don't mind telling you."

After the noise and bustle of the city street, Cafe Nirvana was a haven of cool and calm. In the corner, real live musicians were playing Beethoven's String Quartet No 1 in F major. While he and Teatime waited for the food and drink to arrive, Harold cocked an appreciative ear in their direction.

"The allegro in this is so joyful," he commented after a few minutes, "so sprightly, it's like a bright necklace of notes winding into your ear. You know, Ludwig has such a light touch here, compared to some of his other stuff. Why I remember - "

"Yes, yes. If you say so, old shoe," yawned Teatime, music appreciation not being one of his specialities, "Now let's have a look in Ray's goody bag."

Harold emptied the contents of the carrier bag onto the table. There was a mobile phone (a Rainbow Industries Edge-5100T, no less, with solar charger), a wallet full of money, some sunglasses and a baseball cap. Harold laughed at these last two items.

"The old disguise kit, eh?"

"Well, it pays to be circumspect, old fruit," said Teatime, "The human police are still looking for the man in the CCTV film, you know – which is you, in case you'd forgotten."

"I haven't forgotten," replied Harold, "But why don't I just talk to them and tell them I had nothing to do with the fire anyway? That way, the problem is removed altogether."

At that moment the food arrived – a nice juicy steak for Harold and a fresh fruit salad (and wedge of chocolate cake) for Teatime.

"Such naivete," sighed Teatime when the waitress had gone, "Just telling the police you weren't there won't be enough, there'll be questions and we'd be tied up for hours or days even. They might even try to take your fingerprints and we can't risk that."

This was true, for while Harold had been kitted out with a basic set of earthly credentials: Social Security number, birth certificate and driver's licence courtesy of the Black Sheep working in the SSA, IRS, DMV and so on, Harold did not have fingerprints or DNA. This was not a crime, of course, but was bound to raise questions if discovered as part of a police investigation.

"I think," said Teatime, changing the subject, "we should wait until this evening and then take a look around Baron Samedi's then. I doubt we'll find anything, but we must be thorough."

"Indeed we must," agreed Harold happily. In the meantime, there was food, drink and glorious music.

Agent Mercury's phone rang. He picked it up, listened for a short while, grunted occasional acknowledgements and then hung up. He turned to the others.

"That was Opal," he said, "Someone's coming to meet us and we're to wait for him before moving in."

There was a collective groan of frustration from the other agents: they were so close to their target, just a block away in fact, and now they had to wait, maddening!

"So, who's coming?" asked Prada.

"Someone from the Penthouse, apparently," replied Mercury.

There was a stunned silence in the car. The Penthouse only ever involved itself directly with earthly affairs in the most exceptional of circumstances – and the apprehension of one rather puny demon didn't qualify as exceptional, surely!


  1. Great work as always. The mystery of the Braille message is getting more and more intriguing. And I still just love Harold. He's such an innocent as demons go.

  2. Now we have two running stories and my poor old head has a hard time holding on to one.
    I just love the Harold story it reminds me of Rachel Green's book " The ungodly child " where the child of the devil is also called Harold.

  3. Harolds not puny! Of course, he's not much of a demon either, really. Can't wait to hear how the teenager is related to the Braille story!

  4. You have the longest entry for the day. Now you have two continuing stories.
    We dragons don't really like demons but we do like Harold.

  5. Very well done as always. I'm "caught" in both stories now... ;)

  6. The braille message is intriguing !

  7. Am new to the braille message due to less interweb time - but very intriguing!

    Harold is looking more interesting the more we see him

  8. @Raven - I'm glad Harold still entertains.

    @DrJohn - The Braille story will be drawing to a close soon I think. I checked out the Rachel Green book and was a bit alarmed but on closer reading of the description on Amazon I was less concerned about doing something too similar.

    @Bug - Harold is a bit of a wuss as demons go but he's learning. We've only been following his life closely for 3 days now.

    @Fandango - Thanks. There won't be 2 coninuing stories for much longer.

    @DawnTreader - Thank you.

    @Akelamalu - all will be revealed soon.

    @DFTP - Thanks for the kind words and hope to keep you amused.


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