Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Poetry Bus - Meetings, bloody meetings

Meetings, meetings, meetings….

In the workplace, they are places to spend hours of your precious life daydreaming and/or longing for death, listening to some boring old fart droning on and on (of course, you might BE the boring old fart, which is almost as bad).

Elsewhere, they can be a thing of mystery, excitement and anticipation, or blind chance, holding out the promise of new things, of change, or the renewal of something long-forgotten.

So this week’s ticket to ride should be something connected with meetings. Any kind, anywhere with anybody or anything.

So get scribbling and when done, leave a comment here and I will construct linky-things.

I've had my entire weekend written off with a cold, so apologies, but I'm just going to publish the links without any clever references to their contents.  My effort is below:

Meeting Me

If I could meet my 20-year-old self
I'd fetch her such a slap,
For being such a dozy cow,
For being clueless and timid
And not seizing the world
That was her oyster back then.
But most of all, I'd slap her face
Good and hard,
Shake her by the shoulders
And scream
Into her uncomprehending face
"Don't turn into me!"

The Passenger list....


Stammering Poet


Muse Swings




120 Socks


Enchanted Oak



Niamh B


The Bug

Carolina Linthead

Mrs Trellis

Jeanne Iris

The Watercats (and all the things)

Don't Feed the Pixies


Emerging Writer


  1. OOOOH, the possibilities!
    The glory of boring old farts droning on is that they don't realize -they're- a boring old fart droning on. They think they're sharing the wisdom of ages, the keys to workplace happiness, the very Secrets of the Universe.

  2. Somebody is boring me.I think it's me. (Dylan Thomas)

    Hello Argento!Where ye been? Great task, my brain is all of a fizz already. Good stuff,thanklee!

  3. Thanks for the prompt. I make my plea for a ticket at:-

    or inspect ticket directly by a click HERE

  4. Good prompt. Welcome back from wherever you were! Posting early as we'll be away for the Bank Holiday weekend

  5. I'm meeting my new best writing buddy at:

  6. I'm happy we've come to a meeting of the minds about the Bus ticket for this coming Monday. I'll let you know when my ticket is in my hot little hand.

  7. Meetings meetings meetings....Count me in for this one. Don't forget the "fresh" fruit,cold bagels and tepid bottled water. I'll probably stab myself in the eye with a dull pencil while I'm trying to put something together.

  8. Here I am


  9. Swinging onto the platform via the upright rail, like I used to do when buses were buses.

  10. How could I be so wrong - I read that the subject was anything about any one of your relations - did I dream that? Whatever the reason I have written about my old uncle - I suppose it could be a meeting at his funeral - anyway have got to the bus stop early, bagged the front seat upstairs and am enjoying the view so sorry about the subject matter. Sorry also that I can't do links! Enjoy the ride.

  11. Great prompt, happy to join the bus if there are any seats left! My ticket number is

  12. I am onboard the bust

  13. I've posted my ticket so please scoop me up as you drive by California.
    Here’s my offering

  14. One, please!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. thanks Argent for the spin, am on board here

  17. I have done one, to my husband's horror!

  18. Here's mine!

  19. Thanks, Argent! Poetry Bus, I've got your bloody meeting right here (sort of ;-):

  20. Hi Argent,

    On the bus with 'Simple Silent Sound' @


  21. I hope to get my ticket punched HERE. Thank you for the prompt

  22. Argent - yours is pretty tough, leave yourself alone!! You didn't turn out too bad, I reckon.

  23. mine is up - don't know if i'm late or what.

    Liked yours - except: don't be so daft - yer great!

  24. Loved your take on a younger self-
    I would have to address my teens anger,
    although it did get her through...
    I'll go work on something about MTGS-
    and come back.:)

  25. Thanks for the kinds wordies, peeps! I'm reasonably ok, with who am I now, but there are a few things I'd have done differently and fewer wasted opportunities methinks. I really was uber-clueless back then.

  26. Yes, we don't want to turn into ourselves but then again, I'm rather fond of the old immature, irritating, timid me...

  27. I am becoming an old man in a hat...and I like it! Thanks for the ride, Argent, and for saying about yourself what some of us no doubt have thought about ourselves.

  28. I have finally arrived - am I late for the meeting? I hope so. I hate meetings. Been to far too may.

    Lazy is good! Thanks for the poem and the ride. I'd only slap myself for showing up at more than 15 meetings a week. Which I have.

  29. Argent, I know exactly where you're coming from with this. I like the shocker ending. Well done!

    I'm late, but moreso because I forgot to let you know I'd finished and posted earlier. Oh well.


  30. I'm on board. Have to read the others tomorrow as my internet is sluggish (unlike the bus which positively zooms along!)

  31. By the way, you're very tough on yourself. I suppose only you can be but you wouldn't be as whole a person as you are now without having been a wally at some point. Good poem though.


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