Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Some Assembly Required

OK, I know I said I wasn't going to turn this into cartoons and not much else, but they're a-coming thick and fast at the moment....

I had the idea for this one a while ago and sketched and inked it the other day.  After scanning, I loaded it into Windows Paint and tidied it up.  The square stick in the caveman's hand was made longer and the instructions stone on the ground was almost entirely re-worked because, quite frankly, it was pants.  I think the guy's head is too big (amongst other things wrong).  It was fun to do, though. 

Any real artists out there, please feel free to weigh in with critiques and constructive advice.


  1. I am a cartoon fanatic! How have I missed these!
    Loved this, do you know Johnny Hart's work B.C.?
    One of the characters, Thor, has invented the wheel but can't find a use for it.
    And love the caveman's mullet.

  2. The caveman reminds me of Jesus, or maybe John the Baptist :)

  3. Titus - I used to love B.C. My fave character was Curls. And it just goes to show that mullets are nothing new either.

    Bug - I need to work on a proper cave man caricature, not quite there I think.

  4. Like it. His head doesn't look too big to me, but then I'm no artist. And is it "his"? Perhaps women were pretty hirsute in those days.

  5. the only thing i would say is don't overanalyse the drawings - this is a great cartoon, cartoons don't have to be mona lisa to get the message across - the picture is so effective in telling the story that you don't even need the caption - keep them coming :)

  6. Dominic - hairy cave women! Now there's a thought!

    DFTP - not really trying to analyse the picture so much as review and hopefully improve my technique. I like your idea of not having the caption but wasn't sure the picture was clear enough without it. Hmm.

  7. I like your cartoons. I think he looks very proportional, by the way. Your inner perfectionist is working overtime.

  8. I wouldn't change a thing. Great job on the perspective with the figure. And it's funny too!

  9. Raven, my inner perfectionist never takes a day off, sadly.

    Michael, thanks for the encouraging feedback,


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