Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Wordzzle 136

Made it!  There's going to be a Thanksgiving break next week.  Raven's talking about a break until after Christmas.  If you want me to do some Harold episodes in the meantime as non-Wordzzles, let me know in the comments.

As always, the skinny on this excellent creativity exercise is to be found at Raven's Nest.

The Mini (thank, teacher, movies, unleash, lamp shade)

And I’d like to thank my primary school teacher, Mrs Cooper, who used to make me stand in the corner with a lampshade on my head as a punishment for being ‘as stupid as mud’. Well Mrs C, I hope you’re watching, because it’s down to you that I’m here tonight. You see, under that old lampshade, my little brain used to dream up all kinds of horrors that I wanted to unleash upon you for making me feel so small, and these ideas became the stories for my movies. Finally, I’d just like to say a huge thank you to the Academy for awarding Best Picture to Splatterfest III……

The 10-Worder (career, incense, prosperity, chloroform, cane, electrical outlet, preponderance, salivate, chopped liver, pillows)

New to Harold? Catch up here

Dr Flowers looked down at the patient in room 22b, his bald, brown head dark against the snowy whiteness of the pillows. He was still pretty drowsy after his surgery, which was to be expected. She flipped through his chart, running a practised eye over the scribbled notes and jotted numbers. How many times had she done that in her career, she wondered. She dropped the chart back into its holder at the foot of the bed and the noise caused the patient to open his eyes and stare at her blearily.

“Hello,” she said in her best bedside voice, “I’m Doctor – “ she panicked for a moment as she suddenly realised it would be stupid to used her real name. She cast around the room for inspiration but ‘electrical outlet’ or ‘IV stand’ were not going to be good choices. “Prosperity Cane,” the name of her old Gym teacher rushed into her head to save the day.

“Hmph?” said the patient thickly, smacking his lips and pulling an irritated face.

“Here,” Flowers pressed a glass of water to his lips, “Drink this and wash it round your mouth. We always give patients undergoing surgery drugs to dry up their secretions, so you won’t be able to salivate properly for a few hours, I’m afraid. Still,” she went on brightly, “at least it’s not like the old days when we just used to chloroform people and hope for the best.”

Box slurped the water gratefully. His mouth had felt cottony and his tongue felt about twice the proper size.

“Thanks,” he croaked, “Needed that.”

Flowers replaced the glass on the cabinet beside the bed and took Box’s hand. She turned it over to expose the back of it where the surgical team had conveniently left a canula in place in case emergency drugs needed to be administered post-operatively.

Reaching out, she picked up the syringe she had prepared earlier and inserted its needle into the canula.
“I’m just going to give you a little something for the pain,” she lied soothingly, as she pressed the plunger.


The late afternoon sun slanted through one of the open swiss-cheese windows and the mildest of breezes carried in with it a heady, incense-like mix of scents from the preponderance of exotic flora in Mr Teeth’s garden.

Harold was sitting on one of Mr Teeth’s sofas, still looking somewhat bewildered, although much more ‘with it’ than he had been. Teatime was still speaking to him in urgent Infernal. Phrases which sounded like ‘pastiche’, ‘curlew’ and ‘chopped liver’ surfaced occasionally in the rapid river of the little monkey’s words. Across the room, India listened with some interest, even though she could not understand a word of Infernal – no human could, since demons were not in the business of giving language lessons. One sound did pop up time and time again, though – Azuriel. She jotted it down in her notebook. She couldn’t be certain of course, but she was pretty sure that this was the demon’s actual name. What luck to have over heard it.


  1. Sweet revenge is a lovely thing. It really is criminal that there are wicked people out there allowed to brutalize children in the name of teaching them. I had one or two in my childhood. Great mini.

    And Harold is always wonderful. Love the way you used chopped liver. Brilliant. I look forward to my weekly dose of Harold, so if you're of a mind to, do keep going.

    Since only three of us are playing regularly and one has asked for a full holiday break, I guess I'll give us a break until January 7th. I'm always a bit nervous about long breaks, but maybe it will stir my own enthusiasm to have a break... and since you are offering to keep Harold going....

  2. Splatterfest III - LOL! That's like Justin Beiber winning entertainer of the year (shudder)...

    Now I'm afraid for Box! Hopefully she's stopped, or the hypo isn't lethal... And yes, I would be bereft without my Harold fix, so please continue on!

    Don't worry Raven - I'll prod you in January :)

  3. yay - good episode and keep on writing about Harold - it will be interesting for you to carry on the story following your own words to see how that changes the writing experience.

  4. Azuriel.... hhhmmmmm.... harold is much nicer! and the splatterfest!... I got to go to one of them :-D
    and you have to continue on with Harold!

  5. Thanks for the kind words peoples. I shall endeavour to do a more-or-less weekly episode (got to keep up the momentum).

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