Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Weekly Wordzzle 124

A short one this time, I'm afraid.  Really struggled this week - even with the mini.  The award for Most Contrived Scene to Get Rid of a Few Words goes to the dream sequence in Harold's thing this week.

For this week's other players and next week's words go to Raven's Nest.

The Mini (just like you, leaves, everything in the store, continuing, dramatic)

"He's continuing to be trouble, that boy, just like you were at that age," the old woman said, dustpan and brush in hand.
"Oh, don't be so over-dramatic," her daughter said, scornfully, "He's just a little boy."
"He's a mini tornado," the old woman shot back, "The minute his grandfather leaves, he's into everything in the store. This is the second jar of aniseed balls he's smashed this week!" She began sweeping up the broken glass and many hundreds of little round sweets, which were determined to go rolling about in all directions..
"OK," the younger woman sighed, "How much do I owe you this time?"

The 10-Worder (charity, clouds, empty bottles, Give me Liberty or Give me Death, medicine, shrimp, clear as a bell, credible, hole, Aunt Sally)

New to Harold? Catch up here

"Dr Holton here,"

"Hello, Sally, it's Evangeline Flowers here."

"Who? I'm sorry, the line's not very good. Can you speak up a bit?"

"It's Evangeline Flowers. Can you hear me now?"

"Yes, clear as a bell now. Shrimp? Is that really you? It's been ages!"

Dr Flowers winced. Trust Sally Holton to remember that old nickname. Still...

"Yes, I know, doesn't time just fly by when you're having fun."

"Oh, are we having fun now then?" Dr Holton laughed, "I didn't get that memo. Anyway, what can your old Aunt Sally do for you?"

Trust her to remember that nickname too, thought Dr Flowers as she quickly marshalled her thoughts. Sally was as sharp as ever, so it would need to be something credible. Ever since they had begun studying medicine together, Flowers had known Sally Holton to possess the twin drawbacks of being nobody's fool and of being extremely curious. She would have to tread carefully to get her help without too many awkward questions.

"Yeah, er, I was wondering if you could get me out of a bit of a hole, actually."


The lady detective, Charity Lambert, dressed in the tight-fitting leather jumpsuit she had sported on the cover of her latest adventure Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death was standing over his bed smiling down at him. In her hands were two empty bottles. He thought it was rather odd that she should be here given that a) he was in the hospital (at least he thought he was, he was no longer sure now), oh, and b) let's not forget the fact that she was a fictional character from the cheap trashy novels which were his secret guilty pleasure. Why on earth was she here? He gazed up at her, puzzled, as she leant down and opened her lusciously-painted lips to whisper something into his ear. Her voice was low, with a slightly husky quality. "Listen very carefully..." He strained to hear whatever it was she was about to impart to him, it was obviously important, maybe it was something to do with the bottles. "...I shall say this only once.."

Abruptly, she dissolved into pink fluffy clouds which cleared to reveal a nurse standing beside his bed.

"Mr Box," she said, "We're taking you down to surgery now."


  1. I like the dream sequence! Gives old Box some character... And the mini was good too.

  2. Brilliant as always. I thought you wove the words in with wonderful ease (or seeming ease, anyway). Love the mini and I always love Harold. Poor Box... at least he was having an interesting dream. I hope he comes through it all ok.

  3. oooh Rene

    short but sweet (especially the first)

    OK - i'll stop now. Dream sequences are hard to do right - but you did a good job

  4. the conversation is live.
    well done.

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