Sunday, 7 November 2010

Summer in Dublin

As I'm sure I've mentioned before, I used to live in Ireland - Shannon, Co Clare, to be precise. My husband and I moved there just after we were married as he had secured a job with a small electronics company based in Shannon.

I was 17. I knew nobody (apart from hubs) and had no skills of any measureable worth so couldn't get a job myself. So I was a 'housewife' and to ease the long days I used to listen to RTE Radios 1 and 2.

One of the songs that was playing around that time was 'Summer in Dublin' by Bagatelle.

I just found it on YouTube. I've always really loved this song and it always takes me back to those days.



  1. Oh I LIKE! Excellent song. Goodness you were a baby when you got married - I waited until the ripe old age of 26 myself.

  2. Ooh I've never seen Dublin! Thank you. Dublin got paints!

  3. Myself and a lad from up the road went with two girls from Dublin that summer, so we were always catching the bus up to the smoke on a Friday night and returning home on Sunday night and we'd be sining that song all the time. Happy memories.

  4. Can't listen now as everyone else is in bed and I've no headphones. I don't live in Ireland but I often listen to RTE1 in the car. Talk to Joe can be a real eye opener.

  5. Love the song and wish I could spend a summer in Dublin!

  6. Can't believe Dominic listens to Joe!! We're not all like that Dominic!!

    Great song - my mother adores it. And yeah - you were v young getting married!!

  7. Bug - Yes, I was a baby when I got married and many wagged their heads at it, but we're still together after 31 years.

    Titus - I only visited Dublin very briefly once while I lived in Ireland but it looks great doesn't it?

    Peter - It's a cracking song, alright, glad to have reminded you of happy youth.

    Dominic - Haven't listened to RTE since I got back to England. Get a liten when you can though, it's a great song.

    Karen - Me too!

    Niamh B - Aw, now I'm intrgued about this Joe thing. Must find out more.

  8. Never been to Dublin/Ireland, but always loved the music...

  9. it's funny looking at those photos - a lot of them could almost be of London - but i like the statues and that they're so accessible.

    I'd like to go to Ireland someday, but i think Watercat land would be my first stop :)

  10. DawnTreader - The music is something I miss from those days. In Ireland, you weren't considered a freak if you made your own music/wote poetry etc. Nice to hear from you - it's been a while.

    DFTP - Yeah, Dublin looks nice but I too would sooner visit the Watercats for a jam. Maybe one day..

  11. I'm quite fond of the practice of moderate nostalgicizing. Something our young friends will just have to wait for.


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