Tuesday, 21 September 2010

The Poetry Bus - Do You Take This Man...?

I'm late for the Poetry Bus, the very Poetry Bus I'm hosting on behalf of Don't Feed the Pixies (who is BACK, by the way).

The challenge was to write something that could be read at a non-religious wedding - and it should not give the reader instant diabetes with its sugariness.

For the original challenge and everybody else's pomes go here.

Only Human

I am only human.
And there will be times
When I’ve been stubborn,
When I’ve been stupid,
When I’ve not been kind,
When you will wish
You had not braved the thorns,
Stormed the castle and kissed me awake.

You are only human
And there will be times
When you’ve not been patient,
When you’ve not listened,
When you’ve been thoughtless,
When I will wish
I had not seen that frog on the lily-pad
And kissed him into a prince.

We are only human
Living a real life, not a fairy tale.
We are only human
Not Frog-prince and Sleeping Beauty.
We are only human,
And, happy ever after or not,
Fairy tales have endings.
Our love does not.


  1. Lovely Argent, brilliant premise.
    Thanks for driving

  2. Now that's the type of relationship I think we would all like to think that we have. My fav lines have to be...
    "We are only human,
    And, happy ever after or not,
    Fairy tales have endings.
    Our love does not."

  3. Don't like playing favorites, but this may have to qualify!!!

  4. Niamb - Thanks! Wasn't sure I was going to post this week, then it just happened.

    Gwei - I agree: if only relationships were always like this.

    Helen - Aw, thanks, you're too kind.

  5. Perfect!
    I stand in awe of being able to get an idea into words so wonderfully.

  6. Lovely balance to this and lovely sentiments too, but I'm not going down the favourites line!

  7. Great comparison and perfect (non-fairy tale) ending!

  8. Ooh, ooh, I want this one! Loved the initial device, and you worked it so well. Exactly the tone required - great stuff.

  9. NanU, thanks for the kind words.
    Peter, good for you for not playing favourites, there were so many great offerings this week.
    Karen, I've never believed in fairy tale endings.
    Bug, thanks, much appreciated.
    Titus, glad you enjoyed.

  10. Great idea and I love the ending.Real and honest and strong.Nice work Argento.And well surrogatehosteddriving of the bus!

  11. Favorites- too hard- But you out did me! anyway,
    my risks are more predictable...thanks.


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