Tuesday, 6 July 2010

What a Photo Blog Should Be

Chaps, I don't normally go wobbling on about other people's blogs, but today, I read a post on Bridget Callahan Is Your Best Friend, that I just HAD to share with you.

It's called The Vega Colony.  It's just some text and photos about an abandoned building.

That's all.

No, that's not all. 

Bridget has woven the words and pictures together in such a magical way on this post and I cannot recommend it highly enough.  This is what I love about blogging - people doing new things with words and pix.

Go and read it.



  1. I went, read, admired, and commented. Too right, that is some post!

    As for the poetry bus, you flatter me. I can't do what you do. Certainly not with rhymes an' all, and certainly not on a set subject.

    My poetry is strictly utilitarian, crummy, laboured and to be hidden. I can do the odd meditation if the spirit moves me and I might knock out a bit of a poetic post, but them's my limits. Sadly.

    Wish they weren't.

  2. I like coming here and reading yours, though.

  3. Oh, Friko, I think you udersell yourself. I'm not such a great poet myself but I like to play with words a bit. Modern poems don't have to rhyme, anyway. We'd love to have you aboard even so, and thanks for the kindly words - muchly appreciated.

  4. she does tell a good story

  5. Sandra - Yes Bridget does tell a good tale. What appealed to me was the weaving of imaginative elements and a kind of story around what was, when you come down to it, a bunch of pictures of an old building. I think you do the same kinds of things with your blog too.


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