Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Poetry Bus - Tickets Now Available

Congratulations to Pure Fiction for a very entertaining - if somewhat spooky - ride on the bus this week.  I've hoovered up all the biscuit crumbs, the biscuit barrel has been refilled, the bar re-stocked and the tank filled up.  The bus is ready to go!

We have a couple of ticket options this week:

Family Daysaver Special
Remember that mad old aunt that terrified you as a child?  That slightly shady Uncle Eric with the pencil moustache and the dodgy used car business?  What about that cousin that no-body ever mentions?  Or that sweet apple-cheeked grandma that used to give you sweeties and knit you awful cardies?  We've all got family skellies rattling around in our closets so let's hear about all those daffy relatives.


Off-Peak/Off-Piste TravelCard
Have you ever been lost?  Were you alone in the woods or just going the wrong way up a one-way street.  What did it feel like being somewhere you weren't supposed to be?

The bus leaves on Monday next, but holders of advanced tickets can post their links as comments here and I'll set up linky-type thingies for the big day.

PS:  Apologies to any regular passenger whose pictures are not up there on the bus.  Spaces were limited - even more than my attention-span!


  1. Should be interesting, Argentino, goodly prompts for sure.And I have to say I'm lovin that Bus ye have created there!Can I steal it to put on me bloggo?

  2. Whoo Hoo! I'm so glad I'm on the top deck next to Rachel, but if Niamh starts with the donkey jokes I'm chucking her downstairs.
    And mad family poems? Bit of a speciality...

  3. Hmm - I'll have to put some thought into this. I already very quickly wrote an awful one just to get it out of my system (My uncle Bill, quite a pill...). Whew - glad that's done! Now I can concentrate on the real thing.

  4. Awesome Bus!!!!
    Does my demented mother count as a daffy relative?

  5. Two men went into a bar - one said - i'll have a pint for myself and one for the donkey, he continually referred to his companion as a donkey throughout the evening, and eventually when he went to the toilet - the barman asked the insulted man - "Why does he keep calling you a donkey?"
    The man said
    "Hee Haw Hee Haw Hee Hawlways calls me that"

    Now that I have that outta my system... brilliant bus pic, I love it! and nice couple of tasks too...

  6. @TFE - Glad you're liking the prompts and steal away!

    @Titus - Hehe, looking forward to your contributions. I've a few mad relatives of my own.

    @Bug - Aw now I want to hear the rest of that Uncle Bill poem.

    @Enchanted Oak - The more demented the better!

    @Niamh - Glad that's outa the way :-)

  7. Wow - I love that bus - First the clicky linkys, and now this - Serious applause for all this technical wizardry. And nice prompts, too!
    I'll have a ticket for one please :)

  8. @Pure Fiction - Welcome aboard

    @Everyone - thanks for the kind words about the bus pic, it's a thing of copying and pasting and Windows Paint.

  9. it would be rude not to at least have a go when it's yourself setting the challenge - if you still have space?

  10. How about combining the two, as in families getting lost?

    doing his job

  11. Love the bus! Thanks for the seat on the top deck!

    Your prompt finally loosened the gears that have been stuck in my head, and while it may not be what I wanted to write about him (you know how those things go), I've finally written about my uncle who recently died.

    Ticket in hand. I'm finally ready to roll!

  12. Hey Argent! This one will be a toughie since I have a number of wacky Huns in my clan AND I'm an expert at getting lost. Maybe, one of each....hmmm... Thanks for these great prompts!

  13. That's it. Niamh, you're going dahhhhnnn!

  14. @DFTP - Always space for you on the bus.

    @masterymistery - I like that idea: combo tickets are valid for this journey.

    @Karen - I'm pleased about the loosened gears and look forward to your ticket.

    @Jeanne Iris - You certainly can get more than one ticket if you are so moved.

    @Titus - Be gentle please, I'm not sure where TFE's hidden the first aid kit.

  15. Have bus will travel! I'm jumping on early!

  16., could you make that a link, please?

  17. as luck would have it i've been ding lots of writing this week so, providentially, here's this one
    or even this one

  18. Don't think I'd be writing much at all without such innovative tasks every week.
    And I'm very flattered to be on the top floor of the bus away from any nutters.
    I'm up, but I don't know how to do a link like Swiss and Rachel.

  19. Okay, my poem is up! I went with my personal Odyssey, the day after Bloomsday. You may view it here:

    See y'all later!

  20. Poem duly posted! I'm a big boy, so don't cry for me Argent(ina) if it's no good. (I just couldn't resist typing that - TFE got me going)...

  21. Yes - shall definitely have a go at this - I can think of several candidates. Love the bus. Sorry i didn't post last week - I just couldn't get my head round it somehow. Shall be at the bus stop in good time.

  22. I've run out of donkey jokes anyway Titus! I'll take a return ticket, thanks.

  23. not a new pome - but a story and a song going up on mine. Pls include when you go live with da bus

  24. Ok, da bus is rolling out of the depot a day early, but I'll drive slowly so you can all jump on easily. It's idling over here now.

  25. Caught the bus early - posted a poem today.

  26. Shall be at the bus stop this week - can think of at least half a dozen odd relatives who fit the bill.


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