Monday, 12 April 2010

How to make a clickable link

There's a couple of ways to do this in Blogger-land.

In a blog post, using Blogger's editor, you can use the link tool (up there next to the "add an image" button) to insert a clickable link.  You just add the URL and a nice phrase to display that will be underlined and clickable e.g. Fred's Blog.

Alternatively, you can write the little snippet of code yourself in the editor's "edit HTML" mode.   Comment boxes on Blogger also accept the little snippet of code directly and it's worth learning to use this code as there is no tool on comment boxes to add links (that I know of).

So you just need your target URL and the text you want to be able to click.  The format to use is shown below (apologies, I had to put this in as an image as Blogger keeps trying to actually interpret the code instead of displaying it).  The first line is just to show the syntax and the second line is an example of an actual URL.

Make sure you get the < and > parts right or Blogger whinges like mad and remember those quotes around the URL.

Good luck!


  1. Very fancy - thanks Argent - the one in my comment box didn't click through - but I knew where to find ya!

  2. what happens if, lik me, you don't know html?

  3. This COULD be brilliant.If I can manage it.I'm going totry.One small step for an EEjit , one giant leap for EEjitkind!

    Thanks verrily Argento!

  4. That feckin worked! I have the power!!! Mwahahahahahahahahah!!!

  5. If I were not so drunk on POWER, I would humbly thank you for this cool gift, Argent.

  6. @Niamh - Yeah, it didn't click for me either - the IRONY!!

    @Friko - You don't need to know HTML to use this snippet. Just insert it in your text where you want your link to go. If you use the Blogger editor for your posts, just use the link button instead. If commenting, just put the code with the appropriately substituted URL and text into your comment - Blogger will do the rest.

    @TFE - Glad to be of assistence.

  7. Thanks! I've wondered how to do this in the comment boxes. I'll give it a try! And to think, I came here to catch the bus!


    didn't work for me - this is what I was linking to anyway - could have been so funny

  9. @Nniamh - The Wikipedia link appears to have lost its http:// prefix. This might be why it didn't work. It seems that the URL has to be complete or it doesn't work properly - even though the same link will work if pasted into the address bar fo the browser.

  10. It's like this post was tailor made for my needs this week. Thank you! I'm off to practice. If there are links up on for this week's poetry bus you'll know it's all thanks to you, Argent!

  11. @PF - Good luck! You'll have enough to do driving the bus without having to fiddle about with links.

  12. It works. I put my other blog on it.

    it goes here:


    Thanks for the info.

  13. ?Connie T - Glad to help!

    @wsxwhx709 - Thanks, are you one of the Arizona wsxwhx's by any chance? Tell them I said hi.

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