Wednesday, 3 February 2010

I'm running late for the bus!

This weeks sees the return of Eej's Poetry Bus, as driven by the extravagantly talented Mr Dominic Rivron.

This week's challenge was to go to the website of one Simon Fisher Turner, listen to his music and write a piece whilst listening.

The music is here. The track Ghost Road Berlin is the one to listen to.

Here's my take on it. I have to say that this piece, whilst relatively inoffensive to the lugholes would not normally be my personal cup of Earl Grey, but kudos to Dominic for getting me to listen outside my comfort zone.

Ghost Road

These diaphamous ribbons of sound
Elude the ear,
Wafting near
Then far
Then near again.
Come with us, they say.
But I can't
My feet are leaden
And this body of heavy clay
Is anchored still to Earth
And the cold, cold wind
blows and blows.


  1. I was listening to the track only last night - and I think I can see exactly where you're coming from! The coldness, the paralysis...

    And thanks - I've stuck a link to your post into the list of contributions on my blog.

  2. Yes I got the stuckness or spectator paralysis too.You don't mention sea as many did yet there is something of the tide and of waves in this, something of the siren of the mermaid, luring ships to the rocks.I likes it!

  3. Nice! I have that exact feeling sometimes - ready to fly, but can't get off the ground...

  4. A pretty dark one Argent, but pretty nonetheless
    I like the "Elude the ear"

  5. @Mama Zen - Thank you!

    @Dominic - I did really feel a sense of inability to move and the coldness in the music, glad it came over somehow.

    @TFE - It's strange: the water was in my mind but didn't get explicitly mentioned in the piece itself.

    @Bug - Yes, I get that too. In my dreams somtimes I can fly.

    @Niamb - Darker than my usual twaddle to be sure but the piece was dark wasn't it?

    Thanks all you kind peeps for commenting here. Long live da bus!

  6. Hello Argy, I think your gonna win the draw, so pop your address in me commento box(I won't publo it natch)and I'll post the booty to ye.Pip pip!

  7. When I say your I mean you're.....doh!


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