Friday, 16 September 2011

A New Home in the Sky - Project Wideawake

There is a building near to our new home which has us fascinated.

It is not remarkable in its own right, being as it is, a typical modern office construction a couple of floors tall.

No, what gets us is the ridiculously high security measures it enjoys compared to all the other buildings on the site. We’re talking double barriers for cars, where the second one only opens when the first one has closed behind you, and 10-foot high fences - which are actually electrified.

It has its own independent power supply.

There is no company branding on the building anywhere. The cars visible in its car park are all of good make and recent manufacture, so there is clearly money here. But what can it be?

Theories abound, of course, ranging from the mundane it’s a data centre for some big corporation to the more fanciful it’s a secret government installation to the downright silly the building is a hollow shell which splits apart and open up to allow the launch of missiles a-la Bond villain.

I must say that while the last theory is probably the least probable, what better place to hide out if you are a super-villain than an ordinary business park?

Private Island? Too obvious.

Insides of extinct volcanoes? Puh-lease!  And too visible on Googe Earth.

Nobody suspects a boringly anonymous building amongst a ton of other such buildings.

Set your minds at ease though, people, we at NHitS will be keeping a close watch and are prepared to alert the authorities at the first sign of megalomaniac geniuses attempting world domination.


  1. ooo! ooo! I bet if you strolled by taking pictures of it you'd be asked your business.

  2. Indeed, NanU, we had that very idea and tried to persuade one of our colleagues to do that very thing, but he wouldn't for some reason. Not even when we promised we'd write to Amnesty if he disappeared.

  3. all of the cars fairly recent? That alone suggests they could be a cover?

    I've never seen a car park where there isnt an array of different varieties of rusting metal on wheels.

    my advice is that if you see someone abseiling down the side - run!

  4. DFTP - the whole place is spookily clean and tidy.

    Pearl - i'll try to keep you posted. If i should suddenly disappear, however......

  5. Well I know what it is - it's that place where they're doing the experiments on angels & demons. Duh!

  6. RCS, aka NCS, aka SOCA. I think their name has just changed again.

  7. Once again fantasy vs reality...

  8. Bug, you could be right! Better be careful near there then, lol!

    Oooh, Titus, that's an idea. My company bid for a project for SOCA once and I think you're right, the name has changed.

    Rachel, is that a bad thing or a good thing?


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