Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Political Incorrectness Gone Maaad!

Sometimes, but travel can be boring.  At these times, my mind wanders..... and gets to here.

Bad, naughty brain!


  1. makes me afraid to go on a bus - and a little more curious about the working of your brain

  2. LOL - that guide dog is SCARY :)

    I have a facebook friend who's in IT - she's been writing haikus all week, but today it's a limerick that I just had to share with you:

    If the Service is dead (or just sick), it
    Is grounds for an Incident ticket.
    But what you want, at best,
    Is a Service Request.
    Would you like to know where you can stick it?

  3. DFTP my brain's workings are a mystery even to me!

    Bug I wanted the dog to look puzzled. I drew him and put a big ? Above his head, but just could not get his expression right. So I tried to make him look annoyed and succeeded only in making him look scary. Oh well, at lease you realised it was a dog, which is something.

    Hope your surgery's going to be fine.

  4. Hope you don't know this!

    Q: Why do Morris Dancers wear bells on their trousers?

    A: So they can annoy blind people too.


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