Wednesday, 13 April 2011

New Music Genre

Yes, you've heard of House Music and Garage Music.  Now meet Cardboard Box Music.

This little tune had been kicking around in my head for ages until I finally backed it into a corner and got some words down.

As it's such a simple little thing, I thought I'd try recording it on GarageBand for the iPad - a cut-down version of a program that grown-up Apple Macs have.  I think for £2.99, it's not bad.

The vocals and guitar have a very boxy sound to them because they were recorded in a room which is anythng but anechoic.  Plus, I suspect that the iPad mic, while doing a fair job, isn't intended for high quality studio recording.

The bass part and the drums were created using the virtual instruments that come with garageBand. 

Anyhoo, have a listen to as much of it as you can stand and let me know your thoughts.  One thing I think the song lacks is an instrumental section to break things up a bit.  Maybe in version 2....

My Name is Mud - Trimmed by DelusionsOfAdequacy

If you can't get the widget to play click here to go to SoundCloud and hear it there.

Don't worry, Watercats, your crown as blogland's premier musos is quite safe.


  1. actually i think this sounds quite professional - if this was recorded with a simple ipad mike then its very high quality. I like the bluesy feel of the track a lot

  2. Sorry I can't play, as my computer is still silent...

  3. Love it! Silkily sexy with an undercurrent of bloody brilliance.

  4. DFTP - Thanks for that. I think the iPad mic isn't bad,c onsidering it's probably just for recording voice messages and stuff.

    Jinksey - Sorry to hear you can't get the track to play. Not sure what to suggest other than check the sound settings in Control Panel - make sure Mute is off, that kind of thing.

    Jimmy - Your kind words are a real tonic, thanks!

  5. Justn noticed some leftovers on that track right at the end. Will have to fix that.

  6. feckin excellent! the quality is great, quite like the fact that the voice is 'as'.. and the garage band bass and drums sound fantastic.. and you have such a brilliant voice and words and... grrrr! you talented such and such! :-D

  7. Watercats - muchas gracias! Your kind words are very much appreciated.


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