Saturday, 26 March 2011

So, what do we know about Amber?

What we know is this:

Amber works in a shop.

She’s not happy at having to work Saturdays (6 in a row now, apparently). She hates having to cash up or be in charge of the keys as it means she has to arrive early and leave late.

She has a toothache, but cannot afford the dentist.

She has a friend called Nathan.

She’s going to buy 200 cigarettes today before the chancellor’s tax makes the price go up (this was on Budget day).

She likes to go through desk drawers at work when no-one’s around. She found a ten-pound note in one the other day, which she promptly pocketed to spend in the pub that lunchtime.

She’s going to order takeaway food tonight, but not from Oceana as she’s sick of that place and not from China Garden either, as that place is “minging”.

Remember, she can’t afford the dentist - even with an income augmented by desk-drawer windfalls, but she can afford ciggies and takeaway food.

She’s planning to meet up with friends tonight at “the Crez”.

She’s been late for work a few times lately because the bus didn’t come – even though she set out early.

She loves her mum.

How do we know this?

Amber is someone who likes to chat on her mobile whilst riding on the bus. Amber likes to chat AT EXTREMELY HIGH VOLUME on her mobile whilst riding on the bus.

Is it ear-wigging when a conversation is practically yelled into your ear-holes?


  1. Every job interviewer's nightmare, by the sound of it. Oh well, all grist to the blogger's mill...

  2. Hehe, Dominic, it is indeed grist to my mill. It's a cautionary tale, though - you never know who might be listening in when you're talking out in public somewhere.

  3. Indeed you don't. Same goes for this blogging and commenting business - if like me you use your real name (it being unusual makes this even more so). All one's thoughts and comments are no more than a google away from whoever wants to read them.

  4. LOL - she sure was chatty! Dr. M had lunch in a Thai restaurant today & eavesdropped on a conversation in the booth behind him - unfortunately he's pretty sure they were speaking Russian :)

  5. Bug - She was very chatty! I know it's wrong, but I can't help but tune into a conversation going on nearby. Not sure if it would count as eavedropping if it's in a language you don't speak :-) Maybe those people in the Thai restaurant were Russian spies, in which case, it's just as well Dr M didn't overhear their secret plans in case they found out and came after him.

  6. yeah - people on busses should be seen and not heard. Polite silence every time :)

    Especially the ones with nothing to say and a whole hour to say it in


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