Monday, 21 June 2010

A New Home in the Sky - Moving Day

So, my boss, GD, comes bouncing into the office.

"I've just been on the phone to the Nice Lady at Throwback Towers," he cries, all excited, "We can go over and check out our new office accommodation.  We'll have a home of own - at last!"

"Sounds great," Says I, one of the lowly peons of Klueless Decision Support Systems - Managed Service Support Team (don't ask me to repeat it, it's no better the second time around, honest). 

"Can we go tomorrow?" I ask, "'Cos I swear, if I have to eavesdrop one more phone call from that Kiwi Business Analyst with the voice like a buzz-saw, I'll shove her head so far up her.. Well, let's just say she will be able to lick her own tonsils – from below."

"Yes, tomorrow's good," replies GD airily, "But the Nice Lady said we had to ignore the mess 'cos it'll all be cleaned up before we move in."

"The mess?" I'm intrigued now, "How much mess? It's only an old office.  Are we talking old paperwork, coffee mugs, that kind of thing?"

"Yeah, kind of," He's looking a bit shifty now, "She assures me the rats will be dealt with before we get moved in, though."

"Rats? What are rats doing on the seventh floor of Throwback Towers?"

"I expect they like the view," he says absently, wandering in the direction of the coffee machine.


Now it looks like I have to start taking a baseball bat to work – again.


  1. Oh no - that sounds like NO fun at all! They were talking about moving our offices, but decided to renew the lease for one more year - I'm glad because the location they had picked was NOT convenient for me.

  2. Can they be trained to assist or entertain in some way?

  3. Bug - The city centre location isn't too bad and I tihnk we scare doff the rats :-)

    @ER - The company I work for would train them to do my job if they could - rats being cheaper and all.

  4. Argent - think yourself lucky. The dancing mice seem to be running the place I work for - either that or some particularly thick pieces of pastry are in charge

  5. @DFTP - We have several varieties of thick pastry in our org too! They subject us to random acts of management every so often.


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