Thursday, 7 January 2010

Yet Another Snow-Related Blog Post (but at least it's short)


Every snowflake, we are told,
is completely unique.

How do they know?

How do they know for certain
That there isn’t a snowflake
Out there somewhere
In all the whitewashed fields,
And dust-sheeted hills,
Mourning its twin,
Dying here in the heat
Of my outstretched hand.

How do they know?

This was the view from my back door today.


  1. Yeh, how do they know? How could they know.Who are THEY anyways? And who's in charge of them? I want names and I want addresses!

  2. I love it that each one is unique; just think of the infinite number of shapes there are in the snow filed covering every inch of the land.
    A thought to blow your mind.

  3. Beautiful tree! You know, it's so rare that I'm able to actually see individual flakes of snow - it's just a mass that dumps on my car LOL. I should go outside right now & see if i can catch some...

  4. I like the view from your back door. It's a lot like mine these days (if I had a back door).
    They don't know it's unique. They never looked at them all to be sure. They way they're formed, though, it's darned unlikely any two are identical. Like fingerprints. How can you be sure that somebody somewhere doesn't have just the same fingerprint? But if unlikely things never happened, we wouldn't be here wondering about it...

  5. (I just dropped an entire biscuit in my tea!)..
    sorry!... how do they know?.. I often wonder at the smug mathmatically reinforced scientific community, I don't get maths, it's not a tangible thing to me.. I'm sure it's something to do with maths.. darn them! Your poem is beautiful though, there's something very melancholy about it.. I like melancholy :-)
    and... WE WANT SNOW!.. the whole universe has snow except us!.. it's not fair! I have plans for a calvin and hobbes style snowman invasion, they're gonna have light sabres and everything! send some to waterford county please! cheers!
    ohh, and like the new header, tones of withcraftyness :-)

  6. Stole this from Jeanne....

    “Begin doing what you want to do now... We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand and melting like a snowflake...” ~ Sir Francis Bacon

  7. @TFE - I want THEIR names too. THEY are responsible and must be brought to account. Glad you like the header. it's a product of literally minutes' worth of hard graft and no talent. Mr Bacon was very wise and made terrific sandwiches - he should have been in charge of caterin' on da bus.

    @Friko - The sheer gorgeous extravagance of the universe is quite mind-boggling sometimes - we don't need so many universes and we can't ever see them all, yet there they are all the same (unless it's all a big lie by the scientists, shhh).

    @Bug - We should all go and get a magnifier and look at snowflakes - mind you ours are just a fallen mass at the moment so I'll have to wait for more.

    @NanU - Oooh, I like your take on this. This is a universe of cosmic improbabilities to be sure (unless some God designed it all, but let's not get into that now).

    @Watercats - Dropped your biccie, oh no! I'm rubbish at maths, just do not get it at all. I can add/subtract/multiply and divide and why would I want to do anything else unless I was going to build a bridge and had to do hard sums to do with strain and cantilevering or summat. I like melancholy too. You can have my snow, just give me your address and I'll stuff it all into a jiffy bag for ya. If I do this for you, I want to see the C&H snowmen!

  8. "Dying here in the heat of my outstretched hand". Wow!


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