Sunday, 11 October 2009

The Monday Poem

Time for the Monday poem challenge, set here by TotalFeckinEejit.

This week was a quick photo challenge, while we loyal sons and daughters of Eejit toil over our Garage or Plath-related oeuvres for next week.

This delightful image was one of three supplied by TFE and here is what I did with it.

These are the things that get left behind.
When they've moved out, or moved on.
Lover's bed and loving hearth
Are become filthy mattress and busted cooker.
This is the mess they make of your life
When they leave for someone younger, thinner and prettier
Than you are.


  1. Oh my! That's a strong, yet sad, soliloquy Stella. Part auto-biography? Hope not, but ...

  2. Really captures that horrible, "shattered illusions" feeling of the photo.

  3. Ooh, Argent, bit of a mini-masterpiece this week. Really love this, the way the first four lines describe and then the final three provide the killer interpretation. Big bravo.

  4. Bold, genuine with a hint of bitters. A Guinness poem, for sure!

  5. Incredibly sad photo, isn't it? You have captured its hopelessness beautifully.

  6. I like this Argent,by coincidence it is similar to (but much, much better than)the other poem I did.This poem hints at sad undertones drowned in full-blown anger.A right-hook of a poem, wih only seven lines, it hits you hard.A great poem Argent, well done and tanx ye!

  7. Loved it Argent - and not a million miles from what I wrote - well, yours is much better of course!

  8. Great! We chose the same photo, but had entirely different views. I do get gut-wrench of yours.

  9. Good one! I like what you've done with this.

  10. @PhilipH - Not autobiographical, thank goodness, but it's an experience that many have had I think.

    @Karen - You said it!

    @Dominic - Thanks, that's where I was hoping to go with this.

    @Titus - Thank you. I'm quite pleased with it, it was a real 'quickie' of just 5 minutes if that.

    @Jeanne - Guinness poem - like it!

    @Sandra - Thanks you "hopelessness" is a great word to describe what's in that picture. To think, this was once a nice house with nice things in it perhaps.

    @TFE - Tanx YOU, you pic was the launch-pad for this little rocket-ride! Wouldn't have happened without it.

    @D' Oub - You do yourself down (I loved yours as it's way cleverer than this one) but thank you, anyway.

    @Poetikat - I was going to go for the balloons picture, but this one just jumped out at me.

    @Pam - Thanks.

    I'll be round to visit all you chaps as soon as I can. I've a feeling a feast awaits!

  11. blimey, I sincerely hope not! I'd clear up and him out in no time!

  12. Very sad. I hope your Sylvia is more cheerful (!)

  13. Hi Argent-
    Thanks for the help with the code. I knew it could be done, I'd seen others do it. But I didn't ask!

  14. Popped over from Dagenham Dave's. Like the poem, makes you gulp.

  15. @Friko - I would clear him up and out in no time too!

    @Justin - Thanks, that means a lot to me as I have great respect your your poetic muse.

    @EmergingWriter - Hmm, not sure how well Sylvia lends herself to "cheerful" but we'll see.

    @Reason - Hi and thanks for visiting - and for the kind words. this poem just fell out of my head in one piece.

  16. Wow!.. this is completely different to your usual style of stuff.. really quite disturbing and bitter... absolutely love it though :-)


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