Sunday, 23 August 2009


I have recently come across the phenomenon of LOLcats. Basically, someone gets a picture of a cat (there are also LOLdogs as well), and adds a funny caption.

The thing about the captions, though, is that are couched in this strange pidgin english, which has a kind of grammar and syntax all of its own. If you google "cat pidgin", there are some quite interesting bits and pieces about it.

Anyhoo, I present for your amusement, my first ever go at this.

Hope u likez!

You can build your own lolz here.


  1. Ahh.. you haz fund lolcatzzz!.. I haz fund it billonzz of ages ago... mai favrit iz groucho cat... you can haz look see in 1 of our posts...
    yur lolcat plezes me... :-)

  2. yay!.. I just made one.. (on photobucket though!)... I could have a new addiction now!.. cheers!

  3. Great caption. Fits the look of the moggie just right.

  4. I tried writing like that,'s REALLY difficult.

  5. Hilarious. Sounds like my Filipino roommate back in the 90s.


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