Saturday, 1 August 2009

Earth, Swallow me up!

Years ago, I worked in Brimingham (the English one). Each day, my other half would drop me off at the railway station in the morning and pick me up there in the evening. One night, he was running a little late, but eventually our blue Metro drove into the station, straigh past me and stopped some distance away. Slightly annoyed, I trotted over to the car, yanked open the door and started to demand why he had not stopped next to me.

The face of the complete stranger at the wheel, and those of this two passangers were a picture... for the milli-second that I was able to see them before I turned tail and legged in into the crowds in the station concourse.

I'm such an idiot.

The odd thing was, though, just a couple of weeks later, I was sitting in the passenger seat of our car which was parked up while hubs went into a shop, and suddenly the door was yanked open by a very surprised-looking womam, who apologised profusely and legged it, having mistaken our car for hers.

What are the odds?

It would have been brilliant if I could have said it was same woman who was in the car at the station, but the universe isn't that neat.

I still chuckle when I think of this incident though. Does anyone else have any Earth-please-swallow-me moments?


  1. Wow do I! But it's too late at night for me to remember any... If I come up with something in the light of day I'll be back.

  2. Dear Argent, I am definitely not telling any of my "earth swallow me up" stories. What I do want to say is that your blog is still a delight every time I read it. I don't get nearly enough time (or megabytes) so spend on blogging and reading up on blogs, but yours is always a first choice for me. How I wish I had your talent for writing, not to mention your imagination. Please keep on blogging on and on and on and....

  3. @Bug - Look forward to hearing your stories
    @Human - I'm glad you're still enjoying, I've been feeling a bit off my game lately, blogwise. Thank you for the kind words.

  4. Too funny. Mine usually involve asking round women if they are pregnant. I've done it more than once. Slow learner I am.

  5. @Michael - Hahaha, I was once asked by someone if I was pregnant when I was just round.

  6. That was a great story. I have one of those moments every time somebody comes up and says " Remember me". Because I never do.

  7. Real life isn t usually like in the movies

  8. hhhmmmm.... after being told I had an unusual surname I agreed and said yes, that's how I liked it, better than having something like smith or green or something, to be told they were a green.... (wasn't too bad that one though).. was an apprentice in a pottery, first day, had to bring a giant, trolley from the kiln room to the sanding area (stupidly the other end of the pottery) I stacked the giant trolley after unloading the kilns and went on my way, hitting the top of the first door frame and bringing about a thousand poundsworth of pottery crashing down.... hahahahahahahaaa!.. every single thing smashed...!! ahh.. the memories!.... oohh.. and I agreed to shave my head completely in a pub once... it seemed like a good idea at the time, that was a daily earth swallow me for about six!

  9. @Mariana - Life is messy, but that's what makes it interesting (I think).

    @Watercats. Hahaha, I'm just picturing all the crockery smashing. I've never caused that much chaos myself but someone I know used to work on high-precision measuring machines. These things have a glass ruler inside them worth about three grand a pop and he managed to break two of them in his career. Ouch!

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