Monday, 9 March 2009

Bus-ride to Lemmingsville

All these cars look the same in the next lane. It goes beyond the basic necessary confrmity to the laws of aerodynamics. there's real lack of imagination in play. Why do they have to be shiney metal. Why not fur-covered or sequined?

In that red one there's a couple. I think they're arguing: she's waving her hands around animatedly and he looks grim as he grips the wheel. It's a silent movie though, as there are two layers of glass between me and them.

The young blonde girl in this silver car must be listening to music – or else her rhythmic head-bobbing betokens some bizarre neurological disorder. I hope it's music.

He looks bored. His car is dull brown with matching mud-coloured interior. No wonder he's bored. That's a car which states that nothing interesting is going to happen - ever! Did someone actually deliberately set out to design a sleeping-pill on wheels?

Oh, hello, the red couple are alongside again. She's the grim one now with her arms folded tightly, hugging her anger to herself in case it gets away and she has to make up with him.

I've been told that people in cars forget that, although they are in a little box of their own, the box has glass walls. Must remember that in case I ever get the urge to do a little nose-mining.

From somewhere nearby, I can feel the thump-thump of someone's car stereo going full-blast. Oh, there he is, over there with his windows wound down to let the sound out. I guess if he didn't do that, it would turn his brains to mush. Oh, wait... Right

All these cars look the same.

Is this bus ever going to get there?


  1. I always wonder about the relationships of people in cars. Like, "There's a car with four old ladies and some twenty-something punk-looking kid...hmmm."

    Thanks for sharing! I really like this blog.

  2. Reminds me of The Stereophonics song "Traffic" which is a great examination of being stuck in a jam.

    What always surprises ME about cars is how much the basic design DOES vary - i mean, surely by now they must have worked out the perfect aerodynamics for a car to gain maximum efficiency - so why are there so many different variations of body shape? Very odd.

    I used to wonder about the people in cars, now i tend to shut myself off as much as possible - it's the only way to survive on public (or should that be pubic) transport

  3. Great observational writing. Got any short stories in your back pocket?

  4. @Viewtiful_Justin - thanks for the kind words. Life does indeed throw up some strange combinations.

    @Pixies - they all look the same to me. Perhaps I'm suffering from car-blindness :-)

    @Michael - Thanks to you also for kind words. I haven't really wirtten much for ages: this blog was to be a way back into writing again. I'll dig out one or two of the less rubbish stories and put them up - all comments gratefully received.


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