Tuesday, 29 January 2013

New Year's Irresolution

So, resolutely ignoring the hollow rattle of the bucket as it hits the parched bottom of the Well of Creativity, I’m going to try and do a blog post a week from now on.

Someone once said something like “Inspiration may not turn up, but you have to.”  This is a good point; sometimes you just need to write and damn the consequences.   Sometimes the act of writing primes the pump and ideas then begin to flow.

I really hope that’s the case.

So what have I been doing with all my non-blogging days then?

Well, we got three adorable kittens in the middle of last year, making our cat-count five in total.  I’ve always only ever had full-grown cats before and I have to say I think I’ve been missing out.  Watching them develop has been a real joy; seeing them do one day something they couldn’t manage the day before, then seeing them improve on it the next day is just delightful.

I’ve also done a couple of open mic spots at a local venue – on my own (previously, I’ve appeared with Don’t Feed the Pixies).  This was mega-scary, but mega-satisfying.  The venue is one where the open mic night is the best organised and resourced I’ve seen to date: a proper stage with monitoring so you can hear yourself, and a really supportive atmosphere.  This is an event where people come purposefully to listen and enjoy live music, not just drink and talk with their mates.  Hoping to do more and maybe video it and post it here, you never know.

DftP and I did the second NaSoWriMo (National Song-Writing Month - DftP’s invention of writing 10 songs in the month of December) and I’m pretty pleased with most of the ones I managed to crank out – seems some creativity remains, which gives me a bit of hope.

Anyway, back to work.

Thanks for sticking with me (if you have) and I don’t blame you if you haven’t – not that you’ll be reading this anyway.


  1. I'm still here and looking forward to that video!

  2. When I saw there was a post from you I said (and this is a direct quote): "Oh dear sweet Lord in Heaven, it's Argent!" So, no I'M not at all excited :)

    I am in a doldrums myself, creatively. No decent poetry in forever. Blech. Perhaps inspriration will come in the spring?

  3. I know well the hollow rattle of that bucket.

    5 cats. We used to have 6. Somewhere between 5 and 6, I decided, there's a point where there's a danger one's house stops being a home for humans with cats in it and starts being a home for cats with humans in it. Wouldn't be without them, though. Now down to two.

    NaSoWriMo sounds good. I used to try and write one a week, ongoing. A friend and I had a little duet going (uke and guitar - I'm sure I blogged about it way back) and I tried to come up with a new song for each of our weekly meetings for a while. Some were probably dire but a few stuck, so it was worth it.

  4. after two successful years of NaSoWriMo I'm going to advertise the concept out next year on the local NaNo facebook pages and see if we can get some good tunes out there

    Glad to have you back - if i get really stuck i trawl around some of the "promt" websites and see if i can't make something for them

  5. Well I have been reading this, a bit late but better late . . . ..
    I had a blogging drought round the end of '12/beginning of '13. It was all just too depressing and boring and meaningless. I don’t know what happened but I seem to have found my second wind.

    Have a break if you need to. I think it helped that I concentrated on blogs I actually like to read, got ideas from their comments and posts and now I am willing to have another go. An intelligent meme is not a bad starting place, just like the hungry pixie said.

    Writing is important, don’t give up. If you write here other writing will follow.


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