Monday, 13 August 2012

Why You Should Clean Your Keyboard More Often Than You Do

Keybaords are seriously disgusting.  I cleaned mine a short while ago and was horrified at the astonishing diversity and sheer volume of crud that came out of it.

I'm sure I never ate THAT much crumbly cake while sitting at the computer.

Anyway, here's a cartoon about it.

Tip: kids' paintbrushes are excellent for the purpose.


  1. Q-tips soaked in windex pick up the cat hair and remove grubby fingerprints.

  2. I would clean this one only it doesn't seem fair on the ecosystem that inhabits it.

    I'm too sensitive. (I always feel sorry for the germs in toilet cleaner adverts).

  3. Maybe I should do that to mine - my fingers seem to stick to certain letters.

  4. LOL at Dominic :) I remember back in the early 90s I was working at a law firm. The sys admin there would take the keyboards home & put them in the shower with her. Wonder if you can do that with today's keyboards?

  5. yeah - i do clean mine, but only after i've had it inspected for signs of intelligent life


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