Friday, 14 October 2011

Why I can't get nuthin' done around here

It all started with a perfectly innocent order from Amazon. 

I wanted Simon's Cat.  If you've not come across this YouTube (and now three-book and heaps-of-merchandising) phenomenon, I urge you to get yourself over to YouTube and search for Simon's Cat - the animated cartoons are priceless.

But I digress.

The box came with Amazon's usual efficiency and I opened it to reveal...

Hmm, that explains the mewing noises and the unexpected weight, I suppose.

Maybe I should have been more specific with the wording of my order.  I should have said 'Simon's Cat BOOK III' or something.  Computers are, after all, nothing if not maddeningly literal-minded.

Anyhow, he was just so cute, I had to keep him.  Besides, have you ever tried to work your way through the complexity of Amazon's returns process?  Stephen Hawking, arguably one of the most giant brains we have around here, has this to say on it:

"It is no good getting furious if you get stuck. What I do is keep thinking about the problem but work on something else. Sometimes it is years before I see the way forward. In the case of information loss and black holes, it was 29 years."

(OK, he was probably talking about quantum gravity or some such, but he would have said this, I'm sure).

So now he (the cat, not Stephen Hawing.  Goodness, how weird would THAT be?) has insinuated himself into every corner of my life.

So now, whenever I open a drawer...

I've no idea how he gets in there and closes it behind himself - one of the world's great mysteries, I suppose.  Perhaps he knows a few things that Stephen Hawking doesn't.

If I try to go out shopping... 

I think he wants to come along to make sure I get the right kitty treats.  I'd take him, but honestly, I simply could not bear all the cat-is-out-of-the-bag type puns.  Besides which, he probably has expensive tastes.

Maybe I should just stop fighting it and settle down with a nice book...

If only I could....

At least, when my boss asks me why I haven't completed an assignment, I can show him this - not that it'll be any excuse, mind you.  There needs to be a new timesheet booking code: 'Feline-induced downtime' or something.

And the thing about kittehs is that you can't stop at just one....

And that's why I can't get nuthin' done around here.

Hapy Friday everybody!


  1. :-) I wish I had a dollar for every time I find a cat in one of my drawers.

    Hmm. That sounds far more exciting than it actually is...


  2. And a happy Friday to you, too.

    Re the cat situation. Have read the book, seen the film, got the t shirt.

  3. more! more kittehs! I thought having two meant they could amuse each other, and thus be less in your face, but that never really works out.

  4. That is one gorgeous cat! That I wouldn't be able to pet (I'm allergic to the long haired ones). Except I would probably not be able to resist & just live with the sneezing afterward :)

  5. Great photos and a fun post! I'm just visiting from BPOW. Glad I stopped by!

  6. I gave you one of my Goddess Awards - great post!

    You can pick it up for your sidebar at my place anytime if you like.

    In joy,

  7. ah cats on the internet - now there's something you never see - ha ha

    cute cats, but then they do run fast when they hear certain noises

  8. Ah, how sweet!

    And yes, Simon's Cat really is very funny.

  9. Wow! This post has generated the most comments I've had in ages, clearly cats are the way forward.

    Pearl - Oooh-er, as we say in Carry-On movie fashion. Liza Bean and Dolly-Gee just as fond of drawers then, by the sound of it. I don't know what attracts them. It's the same if I open the wardrobe, in they go, every time.

    Dominic - Glad to hear you're familiar with our feline friends - I KNEW there was a good reason why I like you.

    NanU - With our two, it was hate at first sight and the fur literally flew, but we worked with them and they're OK together now - even team up to annoy me awake of a momning.

    Bug - Aw, bad luck having kitteh allergies! The black and white one in the last photo was returned to the RSPCA just 1 day before we visited them to find a kitteh. Apparently, one of the people at his supposed new forever home was allergic. Me, I've have kicked the family member out and kept the cat. Still, their loss was our gain.

    Eva - Hi! Welcome. Not sure what BPOW is, but I'm pleased to see you. I hope you find plenty to amuse - warning: not all my post are about cats.

    Everyday Goddess - An award? Thank you! I'll be over soon.

    DFTP - Yeah, cats on the internet, who'd hyave thought it? I'm amazed I've got this far without featuring them in some way.

    Friko - They are cute (all kittehs are to me) and I've just laughed my way through Simon's Cat III (Amazon did send it really).

  10. I'm sorry, I got Best Posts of the Week (BPOW) confused with Toasting the Posts of the Week. That's where I found you! lol Old age, you know. I get confused easily!

  11. Are you going to let your kitty friends have a normal sex life? I felt a surge of paternal pride whenever Catkins knocked up a female.

  12. Mr Bananas, the decision about our cats' fertility was taken by others before we had them, so there'll be no little 'uns for them I'm afraid.

  13. Awww! Hi cat!

    Did you name him Simon? If he's a he that is.....

  14. I can't have a cat ... not because of allergies; because of coyotes ... so I love cat posts. And I agree, yours is a beauty. Is there some Maine Coon Cat in the mix somewhere?

  15. That gentleman's lady - His name is Jakob, a name he came with, oddly.

    Yogurt - Coyotes, yikes! Thank goodness, we don't have them. An ealier cat of mine was killed by a bunch of stray dogs years ago though, sadly. We don't know his history, sadly, as he was a rescue cat but anything is possible regarding maine coon genes in the mix.

  16. Good fun, very inventive! I always had cats (until I met MY WIFE, who is allergic, but it was a fair trade) and one of their traits I truly adored was their ability to turn up in the most unusual places in the oddest positions. Now MY WIFE does that, but that's another story...

  17. Suldog - Hi, what a shame Mrs Suldog is allergic to cats, they're hugely entertaining; as you say, they turn up in odd places in odd positiobs - the one pictured here is especially good at that. Thanks for visiting.

  18. Awwww...... Ever notice how they ignore you when you're not busy, but the second you want to write something, the need for a hug is virtually a life and death matter? Cats. Can't live without em.

  19. Raven - I work from home a lot and mine are very affectionate when I'm on a conference call. Mind you, at least they don't make a racket like my boss's chickens do (he likes to do calls from the garden if it's nice out).


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