Thursday, 26 February 2009

Night Thoughts

It's 04:32 GMT and I'm wide awake which is really annoying because I'm also really tired. A combination of too many cats and too much back-pain has driven me out from under the warm duvet to down here in the cold.

I love my cats, I do, but lately they have taken to sleeping in the most awkward places on the bed, taking up way more than their fair share of the space. I wake up in the night to find myself lying in a position that a professional contortionist would envy. One of my cats just loves to sleep within a curve of my body, so I end up with my body in a kind of "C" shape. Then there's my other cat, who claims all the space at the foot of the bed as his own, so my legs are all bunched up.

Of course, it doesn't start out like that. When we all retire for the night, everyone is occupying a sensible amount of space and everyone is in a comfortable position but, somehow, in the wee smalls, everything changes and the cats take over. I'm not sure how they do this, they're much smaller than we are so, presumably, don't physically push us to one side. No, it's way more insidious than that: they just exert some kind of psychic force which we puny humans are powerless to resist.

I suppose I could just shut them out of the bedroom at night, but I do like having them around (at least, that's what they want me to think).


  1. Yes - it's important to remember who's in control, and it's clearly the cats! Why is it that we allow them to dictate where and how we sleep?

    Last night i had to physically climb over my cat three times because she refused to move - then she will move just as you're moving your foot and end up getting kicked!

  2. Thanks for the comment. You're right, the moral principles are in the manual. I was being a bit disingenuous on purpose. The last god's message is actually pretty simple, but people WILL keep complicating it.

  3. Ooops - comment added to wrong post - please ignore

  4. "...they just exert some kind of psychic force which we puny humans are powerless to resist". Thanks for clearing that up for me! Now I understand the hold Massey, my cat, has over, not only me, but it seems all people. Even one person who does not like cats at all has said of him: "I don't like cats, but I like this one". He also sleeps with me and he likes sucking my ear (for heaven's sake!) or the soft inside of my finger - a real nuisance but what can I say, I love him.


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